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Gary Burton (born January 23, 1943, Anderson, Indiana) is an American jazz vibraphonist.Burton developed a pianistic style of four-mallet technique as an alternative to the prevailing two-mallet technique. This approach caused him to be heralded as an innovator and his sound and technique are widely imitated. He is also known for pioneering fusion jazz and popularizing the duet format in jazz, as well as being a major figure in jazz education due to his 30 years at the Berklee College of Music.

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  • Rarum, Volume 4: Selected Recordings, 2002
  • Good Vibes, 1999
  • Gary Burton & Keith Jarret, 1971
  • Libertango: The Music of Astor Piazzolla, 2000
  • Paris Encounter, 1999
  • Works, 1984
  • A Genuine Tong Funeral, 1994
  • Generations, 2004
  • Astor Piazzolla Reunion: A Tango Excursion, 1998
  • Face To Face, 1994
  • Matchbook, 1974
  • Quartet Live!, 2009
  • Gary Burton
  • Hotel Hello, 1975
  • Collection, 1996
  • In Concert, Z├╝rich, October 28, 1979, 2009
  • Next Generation, 2005
  • Alone at Last, 1999
  • Gary Burton And The Berklee All-Stars, 1986
  • The New Crystal Silence, 2008
  • It's Another Day, 1993
  • Artist's Choice, 1987
  • Lyric Suite for Sextet, 2000
  • The New Quartet, 1973
  • Crystal Silence, 1973
  • Seven Songs For Quartet And Chamber Orchestra, 2014
  • In the Public Interest, 1974
  • The New Tango, 1987
  • Benny Rides Again, 1992
  • Tennessee Firebird, 1989
  • Duet, 1991
  • Native Sense: The New Duets, 1997
  • Live at Midem, 2000
  • Something's Coming, 1963
  • Virtuosi, 2002
  • Cool Nights, 1991
  • Reunion, 1990
  • Hot House, 2012
  • Gary Burton & Keith Jarret / Throb, 1994
  • Slide Show, 1986
  • Like Minds, 1998
  • All the Things You Are, 1999
  • Times Square, 1978
  • For Hamp, Red, Bags, and Cal, 2001
  • Live in Cannes, 1996

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Gary BurtonGary BurtonGary BurtonGary BurtonGary BurtonGary BurtonGary Burton

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On Apr 1, 2011. 11:42am
Christopher Lynch said

For a long time, I've been trying to obtain quite an early Gary Burton album titled "Country Roads & Other Places", without success. I'd be grateful if any other readers could tell me whether or not this fascinating album is still available. (I once had a vinyl copy, but never got it back after lending it! Silly me.) Cheers, Chris.
Note: Love Gary's work with Chick Corea too. His four-mallet work is really something.

On Apr 14, 2011. 11:26am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Christopher, we had a look for 'Country Roads and Other Place' as well and also came up short. So no leads on how to buy the album from ABC Jazz.
All the best trying to locate it..!

On Apr 20, 2011. 9:59am
Christopher Lynch said

Thanks for trying ABC Jazz. I appreciate your efforts.
Cheers. Chris.

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