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Jacam ManricksJacam Manricks performanceJacam Manricks performanceJacam Manricks rehearses with The Jazzgroove Mothership OrchestraJacam Manricks performing with The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

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On Oct 5, 2009. 12:39pm
Ralph Gerreyn said

Is he the son of Mario Manriks who was also a well known musician?

On Oct 6, 2009. 10:08pm
Aztex said

Possibly. He comes from a long line of Jazz musicians. Allaboutjazz.com claims "His grandfather and father were musicians and into jazz" but I couldn't Google his father's name.

Was Mario an Australian? Was Mario's father a jazz musician?

If so, it seems likely that you are on the right track.

ABC Jazz on the other hand, often mistakes Jacam for Kurt 'bloody' Elling.

On Oct 7, 2009. 2:05pm
Belinda said

Jacam is the son of cellist Camillio Manricks and flautist Jeanette Manricks, from Brisbane.

On Oct 8, 2009. 3:56pm
Aztex said

Thanks for that.

It appears that Jacam is finally getting fair treatment from ABC Jazz. For at least 3 days they introduced his album (as 'Album of the week') and then they played a Kurt Elling track.

It's quite obvious that nobody at the ABC monitors the broadcast. When the system goes wrong, anybody trying to get the problem fixed is likely to get a sore head (bashing it against a brick wall).

Plea's to fix the problem's are ignored (because no one reads the plea's).

It's the very definition of irresponsible broadcasting. Whatever goes to air, goes to air and they neither monitor nor respond to complaints. Well done the ABC.

On Dec 19, 2009. 10:29am
Camillio said

He is the Grandson of Mario Manricks, my father. I am his second son & Jacam is my youngest son. Mario was born in Portugese Goa and died in Ceylon in 1966 at age 49. No I dont believe he was ever in Australia.

On Dec 22, 2009. 8:40am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for the info Camillio!

On Jun 25, 2010. 1:08pm
Anonymous said

Someone PLEASE change the track here, this is not doing jacam or this piece justice. Who's is that alto player? It's obviously NOT jake as he's conducting

On Jun 28, 2010. 9:44am
ABC Jazz said

Hi, thanks for listening!
Yes, the alto player on the recording is David Theak, who leads the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra. Jacam is conducting the band on his own composition, 'Mirrored' during the finals of the 2009 National Big Band Composition Competition.
Here is a story on the competition:

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