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Sandy Evans is an award-winning Australian jazz composer, saxophonist, and teacher active from 1982. In the 1980s Evans played in the group Women and Children First. Later she was a member of the Sydney band Ten Part Invention. Evans composed the music for the 1999 radio drama Testimony: The Legend of Charlie Parker, which showcased the poetry of Yusef Komunyakaa, and was broadcast on ABC's Soundstage FM. She delivered the 10th Annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address in 2008 and received an Order of Australia in 2010 for services to music. She has been described by ABC Radio National's "Inside Sleeve" program as Australia's leading female jazz musician. At the APRA Music Awards of 2013, her composition Meetings at the Table of Time performed by members of the Australian Art Orchestra and the Sruthi Laya Ensemble won Performance of the Year and was nominated for Work of the Year - Jazz. Recordings: Evans has performed on more than 30 albums. Her album When the Sky Cries Rainbows was...

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Ten Part front line - Bob Bertles, Andrew Robson, Sandy Evans, Ken James.Sandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy Evans When the Sky Cries RainbowsSandy Evans and Alex SilverSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansPaul Grabowsky and Sandy EvansSandy Evans TestimonySandy Evans and Paul Grabowsky at the 2011 Wangaratta FestivalSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy EvansSandy Evans

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Jun 21, 2015. 11:01pm
Pamala recommended this


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On Jan 19, 2012. 7:36am
Brian Lewis said

Bob's Bertles fans may be interested to know that a brand new live album, Max Merritt and The Meteors "Been Away Too Long", recorded in 1969 and never released, will be released in about a month.

Bob plays on all tracks, but he solos on two - Kush (Track 4), a brilliant rendition, and The House Will Rock (Track 7).

If you want a full-length preview of every number on the album go to http://www.facebook.com/lostraxx and follow the links to the viinyl streams.


Brian Lewis, Producer
LosTraxx Records

On Jan 24, 2012. 8:50am
Christopher Lynch said

Hello Brian Lewis and thankyou for the info regarding the upcoming Max Merritt album.
I'll be purchasing it!
I'm particularly looking forward to hearing 'Kush'. I did hear the band playing it live once when l was a kid and was simply awe-struck at the time. As I recall, the magnificent Stewie Speer - one of my all-time favourite Australian drummers - was also featured playing a knockout drum solo on this piece and Bob Bertles doubled on flute.
Another thought. Aren't we fortunate to have a marvellous website like ABC Jazz to exchange news!

On Jan 24, 2012. 2:34pm
Brian Lewis said

Chris: You can hear Kush in full on www.lostraxx.com then click on the Been Away Too Long page, or enter http://kkush.viinyl.com into your browser, or type "Max Merritt Kush" into your browser search field. Feel free to pass these links around as much as you like.

Kush delivers all the magic you remember: awesome arrangement, great sax and flute work, 2 1/2 minute drum solo by Stewie (the only Stewie drum solo ever recorded!) and a crescendo for the last 3 to 4 minutes!

We just set up Aus and NZ distribution with Press Play Music, and you will be able to order it from any record store you desire, online or bricks & mortar, and even pre-order the CD as soon as the digital release takes place.

We are hoping to have a global digital release around Feb 1st, and CD global release Mid to late March.

This is a once in a lifetime even for most bands, let alone a beloved one like Max and The Meteors.

I appreciate your interest.


On Jan 25, 2012. 8:08am
Christopher Lynch said

Thanks a million Brian.
I followed the links you provided. What can I say? brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It's all there .... Bob's dangly flute complete with flutter tongueing and over-blowing, Stewie's Blakeyesque drum solo - he loved Art Blakey - and the time-stopping atmosphere. Big respect and gratitude. Chris.

On Jan 25, 2012. 9:54am
Brian Lewis said


I had not told Press Play Music in detail about the release, and I was looking for words to describe how fans feel about Max and The Meteors live in those days. I could only describe what multitudes of baby boomers say when you mention Max and The Meteors live performances in those days, it is simple, "I remember those, they were awesome."

Our publicity campaign is covering about 600 outlets including radio, news papers, magazines, blogs, street rags, TV stations and syndicators. The media blitz will happen when we do the digital release, then again when we do the CD release.

The newsworthiness of the release is two fold - not every day do 43 year old master tapes shows up for first release, and the fact that two teenage kids made the recording and it ends up as a release for one of Aus and NZ most famous bands!

The entire story about Been Away Too Long is on the "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Been Away Too Long page (EYEWTKABATL). http://www.lostraxx.com/styled-2/index.html

On Jan 26, 2012. 8:59am
Christopher Lynch said

Thanks again Brian.
As a 'boomer' - I was born in 1949 - I was fortunate to live thrugh a period of astonishing musical developments in jazz and popular music. The 60s commenced with the likes of Elvis and Ricky Nelson yet finished up with Woodstock! What a contrast. As a kid I enjoyed snippets of jazz on TV shows like Peter Gunn and heard jazz pieces including 'The Girl From Ipanema' , Chris Barber's take on 'Petite Fleur' and Kenny Ball playing 'Midnight In Moscow', all on the radio! Like many teens in the 60s I grew to love Cream, Spencer Davis,The Pretty Things, John Mayall, Jimi Henrix,The Doors, Brian Auger & Trinity, Ray Charles, Geogie Fame,Paul Butterfield among others and blues greats like Robert Johnson. (During this period I was learning/playing drums, piano and flute. I had young friends who were also enthusiastic struggling musicians.) The 'big bang' for me though was hearing 'Kind Of Blue' in 1967. I was never the same after that. We had superb Aussie acts back then too including The Purple Hearts, Tully, Jeff St John, The Missing Links, Doug Parkinson and such. However, my favourite local outfit was Max Merritt & The Meteors. His band - for me at least - encapsulated all the sounds I'd been enjoying up until then and had the added bonus of two of the nation's greatest jazz musos on board in Stewie Speer and Bob Bertles.
I used to watch these guys in a state of rapture. Stewie made drumming look so relaxed and easy, but of course it isn't and never was. He grafted hard for decades to play the way he did. How I tried to emulate his style and sound - unsuccessfully.
Getting back to my first love, jazz, that too went through a period of breathtaking growth. From cool and hard-bop to 'Bitches Brew'. Incredidle. Yes Brian. We were blessed to be around some tremendous sounds in a truly golden era, although the politics of the time were as bad or even worse as they are now.
Naturally, I was an enthusiastic listener to jazz presenters including Arch McKirdy, Geoff Hiscock and Ralph Rickman.
Great talking with you.

On Jan 27, 2012. 11:34am
Brian Lewis said

Chris: What an eloquent recitation of what we grew up with...and yes I agree, some bands just seemed to mesmerize us. After we got the go ahead from Max on the project, I asked him how he would describe the music style of that particular lineup. His own words were, and I included this in press release, "a unique sound, a cross pollination of rock, jazz, soul and blues." He said, "we had two rockers and two jazzers", seeming to say to me, Well what else would you expect?.

Glenn Baker said while listening to the live album,:

"Hey Brian,

Sitting here listening to the album and grooving away royally. You can see why they blew audiences away. They were truly a "musical" band, in an era of bubblegum outfits. "

I am trying my best to make sure this is a very big hit, to thank Max and to finally pay him back for over 50 years of great times, a debt we will never really be able to pay in full.

The great things about forums like this, is you get to meet people you would otherwise never meet, and everyone has a story and contribution to make. Even though we are online and have never met face-to-face, I still consider it meeting.

Here is a remarkable fact about this project - I have never met anyone that I have been working with, and the only person I have spoken to about the project in the last 7 months is Glenn Baker! I spent a lot of my past in high tech projects that spanned the globe, so I just applied my knowledge of how to run a remote project and take advantage of everything the Internet had to offer, and that was it. The last time I spoke to Max, Bob or Dave face -to-face, was 43 years ago!

Regards and keep on rockin' as Max would say,


On Jan 30, 2012. 7:42am
Christopher Lynch said

Thanks again Brian for your comments and extra info.
Please keep me informed of any further developments.
Cheers, Chris.

On Jan 30, 2012. 11:59am
Christopher Lynch said

Sorry Brian, but should have added that if your organisation issues or reissues any other quality Australian rock or jazz recordings please let me know. It's uplifting to know there are people out there like yourself who truly appreciate their music. No doubt most of today's designer-clad executives heading up leading 'music industry' multi-nationals couldn't care less about the quality of music they distribute and are only out to make fast bucks. (They probably wouldn't know a C Dorian scale from a II,V,I voicing!) You impress as being vastly different. Keep up the good fight Brian!
One other thing. Sorry about my typos. I never did learn to type properly. Ridiculous I realise. (I was brought up on Shakespeare as well as Latin in addition to logarithm tables, Copperplate writing using nib pens, ink and blotting paper in the era of valve radios.)
Best wishes once more.

On Jan 31, 2012. 9:40am
Brian Lewis said

Chris: We are trying to locate two other master tapes we made in 1969 and 70. One more of Max and the other of Billy Thorpe.

I am a 4-5 finger speed typist myself, never did learn properly either. Fountain pens and blotting paper, talk about basic technology.

While working on the project, a distributor in Melbourne made the observation that fans are the most under estimated people in the music business. I was a know nothing fan up until last July. Never worked in the business, let alone be the executive producer of an album that is about to be released worldwide. Had no relationship with anyone or anything regarding the music business.

One of my first contacts was Bob Bertles. The path was Peter Evans (lighting guy at the venue where we recorded - I had never met), then to Peter Williams (ex-Meteor, Groove etc, etc, etc.), then Mike Rudd of Spectrum, Ariel fame, then Tim Dunn, Ruffus Records, Bob's label, then Bob. Bob was so enthusiastic that another part of Aus R&R history had been found and would be released. Not a single person in the process thought I was "just a fan with a crazy idea".

Any way, I'll keep you posted of future developments.



On Mar 18, 2013. 5:55am
Brian Lewis said

Update: We eventually released Been Away Too Long on April 30, 2012. This is the ultimate in irony or ignorance, but I chose that date based on CD availability, and at the time I had no clue that it was Max's birthday! Talk about a deerr moment. No one said anything either. I only learned this fact a week or so ago as I am planning Max birthday specials for fans and record stores. We haven't sold a lot but I am looking forward to sell out the first pressing of 1,250 CDs by the end of 2013, that'll make for some nice royalty checks for the band. At least we got into JB Hi-Fi which was a task, but our distributor, Press Play Music, got out of the business late 2012. So I had to turn LosTraxx into a direct to fan, direct to record store operation. Max predicted I wouldn't make any money, and he is right so far. I am now retired/disabled from my profession, so doing this work is officially a hobby, and I have a lot of flexibility when it comes to what I do. We still have not located the #2 Merritt tape or Billy Thorpe's tape. However, I just released a CD from one of New York City's most popular live bands from 1973 thru 1981 - The N.Y.C August Rock Band, recorded but never released, 7 of 8 tracks are original 70s Rock & Roll/Pop and a cover of Stagger Lee, a new arrangement that is awesome.

So I'll update a gain as soon as we locate the Merritt and Thorpe tapes...that will be an awesome time for me when they are found. The Thorpe tape was made immediately following the Been Away Too Long tape...we had both bands performing that night #1 and #2. Not bad...fingers crossed for our success. I appreciate your interest as always.

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