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Stanley William Turrentine, also known as "Mr. T" or "The Sugar Man", (April 5, 1934 – September 12, 2000) was an American jazz tenor saxophonist.

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  • What About You, 1978
  • More Than a Mood, 1992
  • Wonderland, 1990
  • Blue Flames, 1997
  • Betcha, 1979
  • Ballads, 1993
  • Midnite Jazz & Blues: Let It Be, 2000
  • Pieces of Dreams, 1995
  • Sugar, 1971
  • Dearly Beloved, 2008
  • That's Where It's At, 2014
  • Music for Lovers, 2006
  • Rough 'N' Tumble, 2000
  • Blue Hour, 1986
  • Jubilee Shout!!!, 1986
  • A Bluish Bag, 2007
  • Let It Go, 1966
  • T Time, 1995
  • Everybody Come On Out, 1976
  • Salt Song, 1997
  • In Concert
  • Prayer Meetin', 2004
  • Hustlin', 2002
  • Straight Ahead, 1985
  • Look Out!, 2012
  • The Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions, 2002
  • Up at Minton's, Volume 2, 1961
  • La Place, 1989
  • Do You Have Any Sugar?, 1999
  • Easy! Stanley Turrentine Plays the Pop Hits, 1998
  • Nightwings, 1977
  • In Concert, Volume Two, 1974
  • Joyride, 2006
  • Don't Mess With Mister T
  • Stan "The Man" Turrentine, 1960
  • Inflation, 2006
  • The Story of Jazz: Stan Kenton, 2000
  • A Chip Off the Old Block, 2009
  • In Concert Volume One, 1974
  • The Man With The Sad Face, 1976
  • Up at Minton's, Volume 1, 1961
  • The Best of Stanley Turrentine, 1990
  • Serenade to a Soul Sister, 2004
  • Return of the Prodigal Son, 2008
  • West Side Highway, 2007
  • Don't Mess With Mister T., 2003
  • The Sugar Man, 1975
  • The Spoiler, 1996
  • Cherry, 1988
  • Easy Walker, 1969
  • Blue Hour: The Complete Sessions, 2000
  • Common Touch, 1997
  • Always Something There, 1969
  • Never Let Me Go, 2004
  • If I Could, 1993
  • Jazz Masters, 1997
  • In the Pocket, 1975

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Stanley Turrentine

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On Jun 28, 2011. 12:40pm
Christopher Lynch said

Ironically, only last night I was enjoying his marvellous album, "The Spoiler" - great Monday night listening after a stressful day. This splendid album finds him in the company of greats including Blue Mitchell, Pepper Adams, McCoy Tyner and James Spaulding among others. The material covered is equally outstanding with items like "Sunny", and "When The Sun Comes Out" featured.
S.T. certainly had the knack of surrounding himself with equally superb musicians as well as the skill to select and compose outstanding tunes for his albums.

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