Walmart, improvising Australian band led by Perth-based drummer Ben Vanderwal and including Cameron Undy (bass), Mike Rivett (saxophone), Gorgio Rojas (percussion).

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7:59pm Sep 19
album cover
SongRebel Rebel
AlbumJazztrack 2015 Recording
LabelABC Unreleased
6:14am Sep 19
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SongAbide With Me
AlbumJazztrack 2015 Recording
LabelABC Unreleased
6:25am Sep 17
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SongGiant Steps
AlbumJazztrack 2015 Recording
LabelABC Unreleased
11:04pm Sep 16
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AlbumJazztrack 2015 Recording
LabelABC Unreleased
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Jun 26, 2017. 5:53pm
Bruce_Cumming recommended this
May 7, 2016. 7:25pm
Rattpaul recommended this


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On Jun 26, 2017. 5:56pm

A beautiful rendition. I always stop to listen when it's played.

On Jun 26, 2017. 10:58pm
Christopher Lynch said

Now I am confused! (Not with you Bruce.)
Here is a full-on write-up for retailer Walmart. A second ago I attempted to comment on Enrico Rava and was unfairly informed that my entry violated rules about brand names, drugs etc! What is going on ABC Jazz? I love you but this is not the first time I've had to deal with this stupidity.
Please explain.
Christopher Lynch.

On Jun 27, 2017. 10:42am
ABC Jazz said

Sorry Christopher - it's a partially automated website in regards to managing the increasing cyber attacks/spam that all services encounter now days. Our web developers are working on solutions which would also include a new website, but unfortunately some abnormalities such as the one you've rightly noted continue. We really appreciate your constant contribution - as do other audience members, and rest assured we feel a similar frustration. We also have our communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you may know about - but if you'd like to contribute on this website, please feel free to "trick the system" by purposely misspelling or using a way to avoid said website text triggers such as the one you've encountered here...

Thanks as always Christopher,
ABC Jazz

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