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Mar 27, 2017. 8:41pm
Anonymous commented on Simon Jeans

"Hi, This will sound weird, but I search for quite some time a jazz with the chorus "she is ravishing, she is everythin" Any hints? Thanks ..."

Mar 26, 2017. 4:17am
Anonymous commented on Art the artist

"Thank you."

Mar 20, 2017. 4:14pm
Anonymous commented on Heading home

"Dear Mal, For years I've listened to and enjoyed Jazztrack, it was available on ABC Classic FM. For some (costcutting???) reason it has been ..."

Mar 20, 2017. 9:17am
ABC Jazz commented on Simon Jeans

"Hi there, we do have plans for a new website in the not too distant future. Local radio stations are already switching over - so hopefully not to..."

Mar 19, 2017. 3:48am
Anonymous commented on Simon Jeans

" Please make site user friendly, and provide more information about Australian artists! "

Mar 18, 2017. 1:20pm
Adrian Bell commented on The Sugarfoot Ramblers

"It's hard to believe this is not an old record from the early days of Louis Armstrong. Brilliant capturing of the style and 'mood' of the music ..."

Mar 17, 2017. 10:03pm
Anonymous commented on 1959

"Sounds incredible and it will be! Do listen in folks. The formidable albums mentioned are staggering - true ground-breakers. I know because I ow..."

Mar 16, 2017. 8:28pm
Ross McPherson commented on Allan Browne

"What a lovely Blues - how fresh and engaging...from 1965! RIP Allan - have to get it. "

Mar 15, 2017. 8:22pm
Anonymous commented on Jazztrack

"Hi Mal, Sunday 26th March from 4PM The Paul Bird Band will be playing at the Open Cellar, 1123 Burke Rd., Kew Entry is free Jazz quartet comp..."

Mar 15, 2017. 8:21pm
Rick, Jazz buff commented on Etta Jones

"Etta Jones, just velvet. Keep it up ABC"

Mar 14, 2017. 6:12pm
Mal Stanley commented on Altadena

"Hello Barry..I try and balance what to give gig info about given that Jazztrack is a national program and many of the venues provide listings /sc..."

Mar 14, 2017. 9:11am
ABC Jazz commented on Jazztrack

"Hey there - Jazztrack is still very much alive and well, right here on ABC Jazz! You can catch Mal every weekend from 5pm on Digital TV (Channel ..."

Mar 13, 2017. 4:36pm
Anonymous commented on Jazztrack

"Jazz Track - please come back one day. I am just so disappointed that the management cut this. The people who have taken over the ABC must be phi..."

Mar 12, 2017. 10:44pm
Helen commented on John Harkins

"I love this album, John. Beautiful playing and synergy between the three of you."

Mar 12, 2017. 6:10pm
Simon Vanderzeil commented on Kurt Elling

"It's a very big stretch to say that Kurt Elling stinks as a vocalist. What's next, are you going to smash Pat Metheny because he does some "less ..."

Mar 12, 2017. 2:19pm
Anonymous commented on Altadena

"I am a regular listener of Jazztrack and follow the Sydney Jazz scene. I enjoy Jazztrack , it offers a great service to music lovers and Mal St..."

Mar 7, 2017. 12:36pm
Stu commented on Kurt Elling

"Its hysterical Kurt Elling is the most talked about jazz performer on the ABC jazz website.... Davis? nah, Coltrane, nope, Basie? uh-uh .... Kurt..."

Mar 6, 2017. 3:03pm
Franz commented on Bruno Raberg Duo

"Yes incredible track. Lonely Woman (The Shape of Jazz to Come, 1959) by the another legend, Ornette Coleman"

Mar 6, 2017. 10:38am
Anonymous commented on Celebrating #IWDABC

"The IWD related Jazztrack presentation was a meaningful and welcome reminder of the importance of the roles women play in jazz. Their creative co..."

Mar 5, 2017. 8:19pm
Ross Attrill commented on Mads Hansen

"He plays a mean tenor saxophone for a professional ice hockey player."

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