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Get the latest from the Maria Schneider/Jef Neve double bill with the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra from the 2015 Sydney Festival.

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Feature Album

'The Last Sanctuary' The James Mustafa Jazz Orchestra

James Mustafa is an emerging big band composer, and he's offering a free download this week from his new CD.


ABC Jazz in 2015

You can continue to get your jazz fix right here on ABC Jazz in 2015, with new releases, classic tracks, live recordings and gig highlights.

New Music

Track Download: 'The Loosener'

To celebrate Jazzgroove's 2015 Summer Fiesta, bassist Abel Cross is offering a free track download this week from his band 'Neo-Bop.'


2015 Sydney Festival giveaway

Maria Schneider with Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

Here's your chance to grab some free tickets to the Jef Neve/Maria Schneider double bill with Sydney's Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra.

Feature Album

Summer feature series

During summer, we look back at a number of memorable albums that we featured throughout 2014.

Best of

Presenter picks for 2014

As summer gets into full swing, our three presenters Gerry, Jessica and Mal look back at a big year of festivals, gigs and new releases...

Feature Album

Christmas Jazz

This Christmas on ABC Jazz, we're featuring some festive tracks with a jazz twist from Miles to Ella to Scofield.


Nominations open for the 2015 Bell Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Australian Jazz 'Bell' Awards. The awards are held annually and celebrate the best in Aussie jazz.


ABC Jazz Christmas giveaway

ABC Jazz is offering you the chance to win a jazzy Christmas hamper, with a bunch of 2014 releases from leading ABC Music artists.


Win a copy of 'Uncompromising Expression'

We held a competition to win 'Uncompromising Expression' by Richard Havers, who was featured on 'My Favourite Things'.

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