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ABC Jazz in 2015

Jazz in 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Updated Feb 11, 2015

You can continue to get your jazz fix right here on ABC Jazz in 2015, with new releases, classic tracks, live recordings and gig highlights.

Throughout 2015, ABC Jazz will continue to broadcast the best jazz from Australia and around the world, with a diverse and extensive playlist alongside a solid offering of programs, including Jazztrack with Mal Stanley, Jazz with Jessica Nicholas, Thursday Night Live, Talking Jazz, My Favourite Things and our weekly Feature Album. On top of our radio content, ABC Jazz will strive to bring the latest coverage of concerts, tours and festivals around the country, as well as multimedia and news via social media and the ABC Jazz website.

Programming changes in 2015

Jazztrack with Mal Stanley

ABC Jazz's flagship program, Jazztrack with Mal Stanley, will remain on ABC Jazz at its traditional time slot of 5–7pm on digital radio and 5-7pm eastern on digital TV and online streaming on both Saturdays and Sundays. However, in a move to consolidate ABC Radio’s jazz offering, it will not be heard on Classic FM from Saturday, January 24, 2015.

Jazztrack will also continue to be repeated on ABC Jazz at 2pm and 9pm on digital radio and 2pm and 9pm eastern on digital TV and online on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In addition to this, Jazztrack will be re-broadcast on ABC RN on Saturday and Sunday at 11:05pm, commencing Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Jazz Up Late

Jazz Up Late has been decommissioned, and will not continue in 2015. The final broadcast dates and times are as follows:

- Jazz Up Late will air at 10:30pm on Friday, January 16, 2015 on both Classic FM and ABC Jazz, with a repeat on ABC Jazz on Monday, January 19, 2015 at 9pm eastern.

Broadcast times in 2015:

Please note that Digital Radio broadcasts of ABC Jazz occur in local time in all Australian states.  Other platforms can be heard in Eastern time, as follows:

- digital TV (chan 201 - metro and rural areas) | Eastern time
- digital radio (metropolitan areas) | Local Australian time
- online via the ABC Radio Player | Eastern time
- on mobile via the ABC Radio App | Eastern time

Looking ahead

ABC Radio remains committed to jazz music and the Australian jazz scene, with ABC Jazz broadcasting around Australia 24/7 on digital TV (channel 201 - metropolitan and rural areas), on digital radio (metropolitan areas), online via the ABC Radio Player and on mobile with the ABC Radio App. You can also listen again to our weekly programming with on-demand streaming via the ABC Jazz website. For more on how you can hear ABC Jazz, visit here.

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We look forward to your company in 2015.

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On Feb 9, 2015. 7:38am
Chrissy Hirst said

Why can't we hear the "new" (and damn annoying it is too) Mal Stanley programme via my computer here in Hervey Bay?

I can only tune into Just Jazz, NO Mal and the disembodied "voice" doing the promo. Please let me know when, where (if it IS possible) to get Mal's new show in Qld - my brother can in Sydney - we can't!

On Feb 6, 2015. 6:48pm
Colin JonesAnonymous said

As with Strike Up the Band, and now JazzTrack ABC Classic FM seems to be retrieving into some arcane world of its own although there seems to be some inconsistency here as the Saturday programme of JazzTrack is being replaced by yet music from the cinema slot. Phil Sametz (sic) is good though. Nice style.

On Jan 28, 2015. 12:48pm
Wayne Vivian said

Now that wasn't so bad was it? I don't know what all the fuss was about.

Now the ABC has a lovely program on Saturday evening for the more sedate and perception ally challenged, of those among us. Oh dear, I am willing to wager right now that this program is doomed. 16 weeks possibly at this time slot. It would be much better in the "Up Late" time slot for insomnia sufferers.

I had to have a try on the telly to hear the new sound quality. Now considering my iTunes program on the mac has as its lowest offering for ripping (making of) mp3's at a data rate of 128 Kbps the Digital TV rate is 92 Kbps MONO- in other words well under half of iTunes lowest STEREO through put of bits and in practice probably 1/4 the sound quality.

Sure enough it's about equal to playing back a recording of Radio National program (AM radio-wide band) off of a cassette. Now both cassette and RN can sound quite good at their best so no disrespect to them, but you get the idea that it's a bit ordinary.

So I went to Harvey Norman's main Adelaide store to try a DAB+ tuner, but to my surprise they did not have one example in stock. "We don't sell them" I was told by the salesman, while he was pointing to a Bush Transistor radio "these are the best we have".

I ended up buying a new stylus for my record player, and by 5.00pm it was fitted and the radiogram was pumping out the hottest jazz I've heard from it in ages.
So no, no fuss at all, I didn't miss a thing.
For info on Jazz and events I check out Jazz SA, Jazz Australia and Down Beat.

I have now made the separation and moved on. I certainly don't want to become part of your new trend in social media and programming by popular opinion. What a can of worms, so best left to those who have yet to get a life if that's what you need to do to create interest and viability, the whole standard of music will predictably become mundane and SMOOOOTH.
Wayne Vivian

On Jan 22, 2015. 8:23pm
Robin Helmond said

How do I listen to Jazztrack now it has been removed from ABC Classic FM? I used to listen to it in my car, or in my workshop, or around the garden. I used to be able to do all of these, but without spending a large amount of money to replace my three radios, one of my favourite programs is now unavailable to me. Did ABC management consider this sort of effect on it's audience? Or do they really care?

(In Australia the abbreviation for mathematics is 'maths')


On Jan 22, 2015. 7:53pm
Jazzdog said

Very sad that Jazz up late has been decommissioned. A programme that offered a spectrum of what was happening in Jazz old and new.... Gerry Coster's presentation style is exemplary and demonstrated both a passion and great knowledge of the music. Will have to listen elsewhere to remain current possibly Jazz on 3 from the BBC with Jez Nelson http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006tt0y -. Don't really want a diet of mainstream ... seem to remember (albeit commercial radio) JazzFM in UK - London and Manchester - no audience so we were fed a diet of smooth jazz and soul.

Where now will we hear the likes of Jamie Ohlers, Paul Grabowsky et al and also the leading lights from USA and European scenes? We like to be challenged!

On Jan 20, 2015. 9:08am
ABC Jazz said

@auswazza - if you're listening to ABC Jazz on digital radio (DAB+) in Perth, Jazztrack will air from 5pm local time as the DAB+ signal will be delayed from the January 24th program.

Thanks for listening.

On Jan 19, 2015. 5:20pm
Wayne Vivian said

Oh my god, it's back to the future. Less modern creative music in Australia again- just like it was in Australia under the Menzies Government. Church on Sunday morning roast for lunch, no Pubs open and no FM jazz, no noise from the radiogram created by Charles Mingus or Stockhausen, to corrupt our precious little dears.

The fact of the matter is, that the powers that be, from the Government down to the ABC management do not want their precious Classical music station perverted with Jass music. They would rather run musicals (from the 50's) instead.

I am waiting for Country Hour followed by Religion at 6.00 on Sunday nights.

Who is prepared to fork out $400 on average for a DAB+ radio tuner when we already have perfectly good FM tuners. Then if we finally succumb to purchasing a DAMB- tuner, what guarantee is there that it will receive the digititus anyway. If your in a valley between two hills, in the country, behind a large building, etc your reception might just be "0" no 1's will get there.
Now I'm going to watch Bandstand, Goodnight ABC
Wayne Vivian

On Jan 19, 2015. 12:02am
Steven Lewis said

Jazz Up Late presented by Jerry Koster in my opinion was an asset to the ABC. Most of the jazz music presented was fresh, useful and necessary for any serious listener and musician learning about jazz music. Jazz Up Late needed to be retained and moved to ABC Jazz NOT decommissioned to save a few dollars!. The general listeners and select programing management so comfortable barfing down the usual predictable serving from the bowel of ABC Classic FM will find a meal now lacking in essential musical vitamins now Jazz Up Late...after 8 solid years...has been axed! I am saddened and dismayed by this.

On Jan 18, 2015. 9:26pm

jazz up late will be much missed. Gerry Koster provided a stimulating presentation of the best jazz !!

On Jan 18, 2015. 3:38pm
MaggieMae said

Prefer Jazztrack to continue on Sat & Sun 5-7 on classic FM. Regional Australia doesn't have digital radio. Thank heavens for Community Radio in Bellingen & Coffs Harbour, I will get Jazz at a reasonable hour from them.

On Jan 16, 2015. 7:31pm
Rob Scott said

What we need is a (late evening) nightly "Arch McKirdy Relax with Me" type programme as he used to present for years on "Your ABC".......please? I am sure there is a good size potential audience for this type of programme if it was given the chance to listen.

On Jan 16, 2015. 6:50pm
auswazza said

Are the times of 5-7pm for Jazztrack on Digital radio correct for Perth?

On Jan 16, 2015. 6:11pm
Bernard Maginness said

Very sorry to see Jazz Up Late finish , would prefer Jazztrack to continue on Classic FM .

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