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Highlights from Wang 2016

Mike Rivett at NatJazzAwards

Catch up on the latest from the recent Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, including news of National Jazz Awards winner, Mike Rivett.

New Music

Jazztrack - Since 1976

We're celebrating Jazztrack's 40th B'Day - highlights from a new 3CD set of Aussie jazz, recorded by the ABC.

Feature Album

'Infinitude' Christine and Ingrid Jensen

Canadian sisters Christine and Ingrid Jensen will be visiting down under, and we're featuring their new album!

Feature Album

'Stay There' Jorge Rossy

Catalonian percussionist and composer Jorge Rossy joins a cast of New York heavyweights on his latest record.

Feature Album

'88' Joshua Breakstone

A recent release from Joshua Breakstone's cello quartet see's the band pay tribute to the great pianist composers.

Feature Album

'Invisible Man' Jukka Perko

This week on ABC Jazz, recent music from Finnish sax player Jukka Perko and his Avara trio with two guitars.

Feature Album

'Nearness' Brad Mehldau and Joshua Redman

Soon to tour Oz this October, we thought we'd take a listen to the latest CD from Brad Mehldau Joshua Redman.

Feature Album

'Frame of Reference' Sean Foran

Sean Foran at the 2013 Wangaratta Festival

QLD musician Sean Foran has a new record out, recorded in England - and it's our feature this week.

Feature Album

'Criss Cross' Florian Weber

Two of jazz's most distinct piano players are the inspiration for Florian Weber's new record - this week's feature.


Tony Delroy's Jazz Theme

Tony Delroy will appear for the last time on Nightlife, after 26 years with ABC Local Radio. Hear him intro the theme by DiG one last time.

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