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2016 Jazz Bell Awards Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Australian Jazz 'Bell' Awards, an annual celebration of the best in Australian jazz music.


5 Christmas albums that don't suck!

It's that time of year again... Here's a list of recordings that will cut through the cheese and keep your foot tapping this Christmas!

Feature Album

'Return to the Fire' Tim Garland

UK sax man Tim Garland has had a busy 12 months recording and touring, and he's just dropped a new album.

Feature Album

'Not My Lover' Chris Cody

This week, a new recording by the Australian pianist Chris Cody and a tip-of-the-hat to his old home base - Paris.

Feature Album

Feature Album Wrap-Up

Across summer, we reminisce over a collection of albums that were featured on ABC Jazz throughout last year.

Feature Album

The Best of Christmas Jazz

Turn your dial to ABC Jazz this Christmas - we're featuring tracks with a jazz twist - from Miles to Ella to Scofield.

Feature Album

Len Barnard on vinyl

To conclude our 2015 #AusMusic Month features, we're spinning a classic Len Barnard LP - quite literally!

Feature Album

'This Narrow Isthmus' Julien Wilson

Saxophonist Julien Wilson has dedicated his latest album to his drummer - the late, great Allan Browne.


6 Aussie jazz albums only on vinyl

An #AusMusic Month feature: Get your crate-digging on! Here is a selection of classic Australian jazz, only out there on the analog format.

Feature Album

'Provenance' Vince Jones & Paul Grabowsky

More great tracks celebrating #AusMusicMonth this week, with a new work from two local stalwarts.

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