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Home Cooked
Page added Nov 25, 2015 Updated Nov 21, 2016

Australian music is on high-rotation all week on ABC Jazz. But why not a dedicated playlist to the unique tradition and musical personalities from Down Under?

Join us each week for an Australian-only mix from the ABC Jazz archives.  Home Cooked is broadcast on Mondays at 9pm and Fridays at 2pm.

Latest Episode

Mon 21 Aug 9:00pm
Fri 25 Aug 2:00pm

On this week's Australian jazz playlist, we return to Canberra for new some music by guitarist Stuart King and his trio.

Recent Episodes

Mon 13 Jun 2:00pm
Fri 17 Jun 9:00pm

'Catch and Release' is a new project by NYC / Aussie saxophonist Nick Hempton, and is a compilation of 'singles' now presented as an album.

Mon 6 Jun 2:00pm
Fri 10 Jun 9:00pm

Drummer Simon Barker joins us in the ABC Jazz studios, and he's selected some music from the Antripodean Collective to kick off the show.

Mon 30 May 2:00pm

ATM15, led by composer Andrew Murray, recently launched a new album at the Stonnington Jazz Fest, and we're sampling it on this episode.

Mon 23 May 2:00pm
Fri 27 May 9:00pm

Kicking off our Australian jazz playlist this week is some more classic vinyl - this time an ABC recording from 1983 featuring 'Pyramid.'

Mon 9 May 2:00pm
Fri 13 May 9:00pm

We're keeping it very local on Home Cooked, with a recording of 'Walmart,' commissioned for Jazztrack and recorded at the ABC in Sydney.

Mon 2 May 2:00pm
Fri 6 May 9:00pm

Kicking off this week's Australian jazz playlist is the new live recording by Sydney ensemble 'Sonic Mayhem,' led by saxophonist James Ryan.

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