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Mal Stanley brings you the best jazz from Australia and around the world. On-air Saturday & Sunday at 5pm, repeated Tuesday & Wednesday at 2pm & 9pm.

Join him for a whole world of jazz, including new and historical recordings and the ABC's own recordings in studios and at festivals.


Coming Up

Sun 2 Apr 5:00pm
Wed 5 Apr 2:00pm
Wed 5 Apr 9:00pm

Bassist Sam Anning took out 1st place the 2015 National Jazz Awards, and was recently recorded live for Jazztrack as part of his prize.

Latest Episode

Sun 26 Mar 5:00pm
Wed 29 Mar 2:00pm
Wed 29 Mar 9:00pm

On this episode, Mal previews some of the international artists headed our way for the winter festival season, including Bill Frisell.

Recent Episodes

Sat 25 Mar 5:00pm
Tue 28 Mar 2:00pm
Tue 28 Mar 9:00pm

The great Ornette Coleman is heard on this show from his album 'Change of the Century.' There's also a recent Ornette tribute from Origami.

John Abercrombie
Sun 19 Mar 5:00pm
Wed 22 Mar 2:00pm
Wed 22 Mar 9:00pm

Hear the new ECM Records release from guitarist and composer John Abercrombie and his quartet, simply titled 'Up and Coming.'

Sat 18 Mar 5:00pm
Tue 21 Mar 2:00pm
Tue 21 Mar 9:00pm

As we continue our celebration of 100 years of jazz on record, Mal takes us back to one of the greatest years in music - 1959.

Sun 12 Mar 5:00pm
Wed 15 Mar 2:00pm
Wed 15 Mar 9:00pm

Tune in to Jazztrack for some new solo work by pianist and composer Nat Bartsch, recorded and produced by fellow musician Luke Howard.

Sat 11 Mar 5:00pm
Tue 14 Mar 2:00pm
Tue 14 Mar 9:00pm

Hear a recent recording from pianist Richard Sears, who pays tribute to the legendary drummer Albert 'Tootie' Heath on a new suite.

Sun 5 Mar 5:00pm
Wed 8 Mar 9:00pm

In anticipation of International Women's Day on March 8, catch a special episode of Jazztrack, with ABC recordings of female-led ensembles.


On Mar 15, 2017. 8:22pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal,
Sunday 26th March from 4PM
The Paul Bird Band will be playing at the Open Cellar, 1123 Burke Rd., Kew
Entry is free
Jazz quartet comprising Paul Bird (tenor), Tim McLaren (guitar), Quintoin Smith (bass), Bob Macqueen (drums)

All the best

On Mar 14, 2017. 9:11am
ABC Jazz said

Hey there - Jazztrack is still very much alive and well, right here on ABC Jazz! You can catch Mal every weekend from 5pm on Digital TV (Channel 201), Digital Radio, online or on your mobile. Hope you can stick with us =)

On Mar 13, 2017. 4:36pm
Anonymous said

Jazz Track - please come back one day. I am just so disappointed that the management cut this. The people who have taken over the ABC must be philistines... this will NOT be forgotten. The politicians who encouraged it, and who openly fraternize with xenophobic people have besmirched their reputations forever. What do they even stand for. This is not directed at ABC staff, except for those overlords who have brought this about. What do you know of people, culture and humanity? Well guess what. We are not putting up with it. Actually, I thank you for going too far with this, because it has woken me up and I am now joining with a lot of other previously sedate middle aged and older people who have had enough. We are getting active and believe me, we are not going away.

On Mar 4, 2017. 9:36pm
Anonymous said

Applause to Mal Stanley and the Jazztrack team for their various and relevant musical inclusions on the 100th anniversary of those first jazz - or 'jass' - recordings in recent editions of the programme.
Whilst I find it both joyful and uplifting to encounter so many bright younger jazz lovers and others newer to the genre so interested in this true art form, it can be equally disappointing to observe their lack of deeper knowledge of jazz and its at times grim history, along with its technical development. Sure those good folk know about Miles and some of the greats as well as some more recent stars, yet a deeper understanding of jazz historically and in terms of technical knowledge is often lacking. Your efforts to correct this imbalance are commendable.
Christopher Lynch.

On Feb 13, 2017. 10:15am
Anonymous said

Thanks so much Mal for that wonderfully heartwarming anecdote in Sunday's edition of Jazztrack, concerning dynamic trombonist Reggie Watkins and his ultimate connection with his trombone playing hero, Jimmy Knepper.
If the recording featured is any indication, Watkins is certainly making meaningful use of that great man's instruments. At times during his soloing, I thought it actually WAS Mr Knepper and that a mistake in presentation had occurred!
The delightful lesson for us all in this Reggie Watkins story, is that if we show people some love and respect then inspirational outcomes may result.
Christopher Lynch.
PS: Jeremy Pelt's trumpet playing has me hooked too! I'm in awe. More please Mal.

On Feb 11, 2017. 3:10pm
Anonymous said

Saturday and Sunday nights are no longer the same without Mal Stanley's Jazztrack on RN. It has been a highlight of my week and a great way to hear many Australian jazz musicians old and new, as well as many other fabulous musicians.
The replacement programs are BORING, and not what you want to listen to when winding down on a weekend.
Get real ABC and improve your late night programming instead of losing loyal listeners such as myself.

On Feb 7, 2017. 4:32pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Angela, thanks for your comment - we will make sure to pass it onto Mal as well...

If you'd like to send us feedback, there are online forms available here: http://about.abc.net.au/talk-to-the-abc/feedback-and-enquiries/

Also, you may be aware that ABC Jazz and Jazztrack are available on Digital TV around Australia. You can find us on channel 201. We're also on VAST Satellite TV for those in remote areas.

Thanks for the feedback.

On Feb 7, 2017. 4:18pm
Anonymous said

Hello Mal
Have enough internet to send this, but can't get a continuous decent feed to listen to Jazztrack on digital. REALLY MISS YOUR programme on Classic FM. I switch across each Saturday and Sunday and try to enjoy it with the blessed limitations we have where we live.
What's the best way to lobby for Jazztrack return to FM? Or RN on AM?

Finally figured out how to contact you. Tried when your programme was taken off Classic FM ages ago, without success.
Keep up yr great work, Angela

On Dec 19, 2016. 9:42am
Anonymous said

I think that Jazz has an image problem in Australia. When you mention Jazz to a 30 year old in Australia general populas they think its 60-70 year olds playing Trad Jazz and don't realize that there are many younger improvising modern sounding music that they would enjoy

On Dec 19, 2016. 9:17am
ABC Jazz said

Hi there, it was Count Basie: Complete Live at the Crescendo 1958.

You can listen back to the full conversation here: https://soundcloud.com/abc-jazz/mals-top-finds-for-2016-mark-simmonds-on...

On Dec 17, 2016. 6:15am
Anonymous said

On Thursday the 15th of December, around about 2:00pm on 846 I heard Mal having a ramble. He recommended a Count Basie live CD set (with 5 CDs)... anybody know which one this was?

On Dec 6, 2016. 2:30pm
Anonymous said

Have to say I've managed to get a pretty nice sound sourced from digital tv via my Cambridge amp and Kev speakers (and Ruark bookshelves if I want it through the house).

My ability to adapt doesn't mean I support these sinister moves on the ABC tho...

On Dec 6, 2016. 1:16pm
Anonymous said

Thanks for a great morning's music (6/12), made patching and painting a funky doddle!

On Nov 29, 2016. 1:25pm
Anonymous said

I agree with many of the comments above - Please bring back Jazztrack on ABC Classic FM. I also miss it very much. It was also the soundtrack for my weekends. Not everyone wants to be messing with the internet all the time. When did the ABC start making such bad decisions?

On Nov 22, 2016. 11:14am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for listening Jonathan.

The track was 'Aziza Dance' by the band Aziza (and from the album Aziza)! It's Dave Holland, Chris Potter Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland, together on Dare2 Records (DR2-009). A quick Google search of "aziza dance dave holland" should get you there, but we obviously can't give direct links to buy right here. You can also listen again here: https://radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pey39bYa9Q?play=true

On Nov 22, 2016. 9:05am
Anonymous said

Hi Mal,
You played a track by a band you named Aziza or something like that, it was on Sunday night at 11.25?approx and it was funky jazz. keen to buy some of their music, please advise the correct name.
Thank you Jonathan

On Nov 21, 2016. 9:52am
ABC Jazz said

Hi there,

Jazztrack with Mal Stanley can still be heard right here on ABC Jazz as per usual from 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. You can tune in via your Digital TV (Channel 201), Digital Radio, the ABC Radio App or online: https://radio.abc.net.au/stations/jazz/live?play=true

Thanks for listening!

On Nov 18, 2016. 5:31pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal
I realise you can't comment, but thank you for the decades of listening pleasure! No comments here re going off RN now. Must be another reason apart from attracting a younger audience. What's wrong with JJJ? Punishing us so called 'lefties'!
Will you be on ABC Jazz?

On Nov 11, 2016. 7:35pm
Anonymous said

Thank you Mal!

On Nov 11, 2016. 2:27pm

Hello Mona,

yes I received the cd and played a track on Jazztrack on Sun 6th November

Mal Stanley

On Nov 11, 2016. 9:21am
Anonymous said

Dear Mal,

just a quick question, a few weeks ago I sent you the album "The Blue Road" by Snow Owl, did you receive it? Thanks and continue as you do!


On Nov 7, 2016. 8:56am

Hello Barbod,
yes received the cd thanks..will get to it shortly
Mal Stanley

On Oct 29, 2016. 12:19pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal,

I have posted my CD, Birth of the Persian Jazz to the address above fe weeks ago. I am just wondering if you receive it?

Barbod Valadi

On Oct 17, 2016. 4:02pm

Hello Ian,
I have recently played a few from the new Gadjo Guitars album...
any cds can be sent to me at Jazztrack, GPO Box 9994, Melbourne,3001,Vic
Mal Stanley

On Oct 14, 2016. 11:49pm
IJD said

How do I get a track played on this show?

On Sep 20, 2016. 10:38pm
Anonymous said

Wow. That rendition of "Lola" from Jacqui Naylor during Saturday's Jazztrack was a chiller- thriller Mal. I couldn't stop grinning as I listened attentively to her boldly embracing those slightly risque Ray Davies lyrics. Ms Naylor is indeed a soulful lady whose music is gloriously schmaltz-free. The idea of juxtaposing one tune over another was made to work with such sophisticated funk. I've been listening to several of her other tracks and I particularly recommend her take on Cole Porter's standard "Love For Sale", which is superimposed over the Bill Withers classic,"Use Me". Naturally, I'll be purchasing her album and listening out for more of her quirky yet elegant musical sparks.
Cheers Mal,
Christopher Lynch.

On Sep 16, 2016. 12:27pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal

The Song Company is a regular on the Andrew Ford show and is doing a series of jazz concerts

The Song Company is Australia's leading acapella song group.

The Song Company's sixth concert is called Strange Fruit and features the music of Billie Holiday which would be of interest to your listeners

Concert dates are:

Pier 4 The Wharf Hickson Rd Walsh Bay 7 October 7:30 pm
Blackheath Uniting Church 8 October 3 pm
Independent Theater North Sydney 9 October 3 pm
Berry Uniting Church 12 October 7 pm
Wesley Uniting Church Canberra 13 Oct 6 pm

Tickets are available via the website Songcompany.com.au


Alicia Gibbons
Operations Manager
The Song Company
8272 9500

On Jul 18, 2016. 5:23pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal,

My name is Andy Bogan and I work for Time Out Media. We represent Oleg Frish, who is a well known TV/Radio personality from New York and a great performer with huge following. I'd like to introduce Oleg, as he is performing in Sydney in July.

Oleg hosts his weekly TV show on RTVI and his radio program on WNYM in NY and also performs in jazz and cabaret clubs around the country.He successfully performes at the 54 Below and Metropolitan Room in NY, Catalina Jazz Club in LA, at the Trumpets in NJ and in other venues in Russia, Canada and the UK.

His music is swing and standards. the genre you play in the air!
Oleg just released a wonderful set of duets with the legendary American singers from the 50-70s and performs with some of them, as his guest artists and with his band.

Here is Oleg's EPK - www.olegfrish.com/epk
His website - www.olegfrish.com

His music video clips:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHLT97IsUjY - duet with Gary U.S.Bonds
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yowCNirdi0 - duet with Lou Christie
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxmtO3_5xVI - solo music clip
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUxjALND0mg - live CD release party in NYC

Hope you will enjoy his swinging and positive music!
His CDs are distributed by RED Distribuiotn by SONY Music, and ill be great if Oleg could be interviewed in your radio program when he is in Sydney ( he is coming on July 21)
I will appreciate if you like his music and give his track an airplay.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Andy Bogan
Executive Assistant
Time Out Media
718 368 9292

On Jul 12, 2016. 10:51am
Anonymous said

A hearty 'Thankyou' Mal for the those fascinating old vinyl recordings now thoughtfully featured in Jazztrack.
Like many 'well-conditioned' jazz addicts, I still treasure my old vinyl and I've now been inspired to replay my beloved discs with greater frequency. What a thrill furthermore, to see wonderful vinyl available again in a number of stores. To spend some hours browsing through those vinyl archives at our glorious ABC, must by akin to spending time in musical paradise! Like famed Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, I have an obsession with libraries. However, at the ABC it must be really something.
Thanks and cheers Mal,
Christopher Lynch.

On Jul 8, 2016. 4:46pm
Anonymous said


Is JazzTrack back on ABC FM?

Peter Moylan

On Jul 6, 2016. 2:47am
Snow Owl said

Dear Mal,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Mona Müller, I am an Austrian Journalist and publicist for the American/Colombian Composer Juan García-Herreros. His recent achievements for his Multi cultural ensemble “ Snow Owl” include a Latin Grammy Nomination and a Global Music Award.

Snow Owl’s latest album “The Blue Road” will be released July 5th, 2016. It is a statement of unity and solidarity with all refugees crossing The Blue Road in search of a better life. The production features none other than Grammy Winner Roberto Quintero, Emmy Winning Singer SuCh, Bulgarian Percussionist master Stoyan Yankulov and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra just to name a few. 

First impression

Please contact me for further information, this Artist is worth to be listened to all over the world. You can also find first reviews about the Album online.


On Jul 4, 2016. 11:22am
Anonymous said

The inclusion of that delightful Korean piece in yesterday's edition of Jazztrack, was greatly appreciated Mal.
My Korean wife of thirty-seven years instantly recognised the enchanting melody. (At the time we were actually completing a couple of jobs in the garden while we were listening, meaning the reference to a flower in the song title was particularly relevant.) Obviously, we've both spent an enormous amount of time in Korea and Asia generally over the years; therefore we're thrilled to note the ongoing advance of jazz in that region of our world.
Thanks and cheers Mal,
Christopher Lynch.

On Jun 27, 2016. 10:11am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Andrew, playlists for all ABC Jazz programs are now being displayed over on the ABC Radio Player website, along with listen again audio. The best way to access them is to find the Jazztrack episode page via the ABC Jazz website and follow the "Listen Again" link, available after the original broadcast. That will redirect you to the audio and playlist below.

For example, the playlist for Saturday's program can be accessed by the episode page (http://abcjazz.net.au/programs/jazztrack/kristins-3rd-bell) by clicking either the large play icon on the image of Kristin Berardi, or to the right of that at the link under "Listen Again." That should take you to the Radio Player with a playlist data display.

Hope that helps.

On Jun 27, 2016. 5:23am
Anonymous said

Dear Mal,

My name is Andy Bogan and I work for Time Out Media. We represent Oleg Frish, who is a well known TV/Radio personality from New York and a great performer with huge following. I'd like to introduce Oleg, as he is performing in Sydney , at the Foundry 616 on July 29.

Oleg hosts his weekly TV show on RTVI and his radio program on WNYM in NY (devoted to the legendary American and world music legends) and also performs in jazz and cabaret clubs around the country and abroad.He successfully performes at the 54 Below and Metropolitan Room in NY, Catalina Jazz Club in LA, at the Trumpets in NJ and in other venues in Russia, Canada and the UK.

His music is swing and standards.
Oleg just released a wonderful set of duets with the legendary American singers from the 50-70s and performs with some of them, as his guest artists and with his band. Such people as Ben E.King, Bobby Rydell, Melissa Manchester, Tony Orlando, Lainie Kazan, B.J.Thomas, Chris Montez, Gary U.S.Bonds, Lou Christie, Peggy March are on the Oleg's record.
With introduction by Connie Francis.

Here is Oleg's EPK - www.olegfrish.com/epk
His website - www.olegfrish.com

His music video clips:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHLT97IsUjY - duet with Gary U.S.Bonds
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yowCNirdi0 - duet with Lou Christie
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxmtO3_5xVI - solo music clip
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUxjALND0mg - live CD release party in NYC

Hope you will enjoy his swinging and positive music!
His CDs are distributed by RED Distribuiotn by SONY Music, and ill be great if Oleg will be interviewed on your radio station when he is in Sydney ( he is coming on July 21)

Hope to hear from you soon.


Andy Bogan
Time Out Media

On Jun 25, 2016. 1:02pm
Anonymous said

Mal, for the life of me I cannot find link to playlists... it used to be so straight forward/obvious??
Help please, Andrew

On Jun 10, 2016. 4:02pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi @auswazza - yes we do think they're useful! We're sorry they didn't appear this weekend. Unfortunately, the ABC servers suffered an outage late Sunday and song metadata on the ABC Radio Player was affected across a number of networks. We tried to find some fixes during the week to restore the original playlists - sadly this didn't work. However, we've now added them to the original Jazztrack pages for June 4 & 5 on this website, so please feel free to view them there. Regards.

On Jun 9, 2016. 4:26pm
auswazza said

Hello Jazztrack. Is anyone awake there? Where are the playlists for June 4 and 5?
Or do you no longer think people might find them useful?

On May 5, 2016. 10:37pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal. As usual, a fine selection of interesting and inspiring jazz. Just love your program.

On Apr 3, 2016. 8:10pm
Anonymous said

I agree with Joe from Mill Park and others. Please bring back Jazztrack on ABC Classic. I miss it very much. It was the soundtrack of my weekend afternoon-early evenings for so many years and part of my education. Not everyone has reliable internet when they need it. I live remote-regional. Why did ABC cancel it to begin with?

On Mar 26, 2016. 6:55pm
Anonymous said

I thoroughly agree with Hugo. I miss Jazz Track in the car when taking friends out on a Saturday or Sunday night.

On Mar 24, 2016. 12:43am
Hugo said

What has happened to the music listings for each ABC Jazz program? Jazztrack has always been a wonderful way to find new and undiscovered tracks and artists and it was always very helpful to sometimes go back, look up the album details & seek out the album. Unfortunately that's not possible now.
I also very much miss listening to Jazztrack on the FM radio as I often listen on a music player or frequently on the car; the perfect playlist when going out on a Saturday or Sunday evening. It's not really possible with digital radio because one must be tied down to a computer or TV and also because of the large amount of bandwidth that it chews up. I now often have to 'record' the programs to playback later.
Love hearing Jessica Nicholas' & the New Releases program but just wish they were more 'accessible'.

On Mar 9, 2016. 7:52pm
auswazza said

It would be nice if you were a bit more specific (i.e. truthful, forthcoming and transparent) with your answers. Not everyone lives in NSW or Victoria.

Jazztrack can be heard at 5pm Saturday and Sunday on digital radio (in stereo) wherever you can receive digital radio.
It can be heard at 5pm Eastern Time on TV Channel 201 (in mono). That is, for example, at 2pm Western Australia time (at the moment with NSW/Vic daylight saving operating).

Similarly, it can be heard at 5pm Eastern Time online at abcjazz.net.au.

But be warned, in the past, if in Western Australia and I know it's not high priority (as I was informed by an ABC employee that only 5% of listeners are in WA), they may forget to reset the delay on digital radio when daylight saving in NSW and Victoria ends.

But if you persevere you can get to listen to Jazztrack.

On Mar 8, 2016. 4:49am
iwsuye said

Thanks for the list. I loved it and I love ABC channel

On Mar 6, 2016. 8:32pm
Anonymous said

Cheers Mal on a typically inspired selection,
From one of Jessica Williams' most avid Oz fans to Oz's best radio presenter.
PS Thanks again for giving me the heads up on her extraordinary music.

On Feb 26, 2016. 6:00pm
Anonymous said

Jessica Williams is one of the US’s musical treasures and I’ve followed her avidly after first hearing her on Mal's show. I thank Mal for putting me on to her extraordinary artistry and touch.She is not only a great composer but is a wonderful interpreter and has technique and touch in spades, all deftly in evidence on her numerous recordings and youtube vids.
So I was horrified to read of her recent physical and health problems on her website. Ms Williams like so many other pianists has back problems and is currently recovering from back surgery. She seems to be handling the physical recovery but it’s the financial pain that’s flattened her. She's had to sell her possessions, and she’s a reclusive artist who has tended to shun money making ventures, including her grand piano to pay for her hospital costs. She is presently living in self described “poverty” and has been forced to beg for donations in order to buy a piano. She’s 67. What sort of country deprives its greatest artists of the tools of their artistry? We don’t realize how lucky we are to live in a country with universal health care.
Anyway I was wondering if Mal would consider playing her again and alerting her fans to her plight and her website.
The moral? Even a musical great can't afford to fall ill in the USA.

On Feb 22, 2016. 10:12am
Anonymous said

Jazztrack can still be heard at 5pm Saturday and Sunday on ABC Jazz either via ABC Jazz on TV channel 201 (eastern time) or on ABC Jazz on digital radio (if you are in an area serviced by digital radio)....

On Feb 21, 2016. 11:05pm
Anonymous said

Please ABC put Jazztrack back to Sat -Sun 5 - 7 pm. Not everyone can listen at 11 pm nor do we all podcast or want to. FM at that time now is tedious and ABCTV Jazz is like MUZAK. Mal Stanley is a fabulous jazz presenter and should be given more accessible time airplay.

On Feb 8, 2016. 10:35am
Anonymous said

David Bowie's brilliance defies belief.
Your inclusion of 'Lazarus' from his latest album was an astute decision Mal - and what an album 'Blackstar' is! Well selected. It's been on my turntable on a daily basis for the past couple of weeks and deservedly so. For what it's worth, the album's cover art, design and photographs are simply sublime; elegance personified.
And how sagacious of Bowie to collaborate with some outstanding jazz musicians. Such musicians are not only technically far more competent than most rockers, but are superior lateral thinkers.
Bowie is also featured in the February edition of that much respected jazz magazine, Downbeat, in which he is rightly described as a 'towering cultural icon'.That is in itself an honour which recognises his contribution to progressive music.
Sadly, we'll never know what David Bowie would have gone on to create.
Christopher Lynch.

On Jan 21, 2016. 1:02pm
Anonymous said

To the ABC Jazz moderator.
Sorry to be a bother, but I just sent a message headed 'Blue Note beautiful Blue Note' and I forgot to put my name to it! My apologies.
Please adjust.
Thanks a million,
Christopher Lynch.

On Jan 21, 2016. 12:58pm
Anonymous said

Blue Note beautiful Blue Note!
One can only wonder how many extraordinarily gifted, creative musicians would have gone unnoticed or unrecorded if it weren't for true musical visionaries like Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff. The gratitude due to these entrepreneurs from long-time jazz lovers is surely boundless. Blue Note recordings, in many instances, represent the core content in many of our collections after having provided a sublime soundtrack to our youthful days.
Those lush black and white photographs combined with the tasteful cover designs by Reid Miles, are in themselves alluring art. Additionally, the informed cover notes remain another asset to students of jazz.
And oh to have been an observer in the Van Gelder studios when some of those outstanding recordings were taking place! Heck, I'd have been content simply to be rustling up coffee and sandwiches for everyone involved.
It's a pity the Blue Note label suffered a hiatus for a few years, yet those concerned are to be congratulated for its welcome revival.
Heartfelt thanks Mal Stanley for bringing Blue Note to the air so meaningfully. I was particularly delighted to hear Herbie Nichols getting some airplay too.

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