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Mal Stanley brings you the best jazz from Australia and around the world. On-air Saturday & Sunday at 5pm, repeated Tuesday & Wednesday at 2pm & 9pm.

Join him for a whole world of jazz, including new and historical recordings and the ABC's own recordings in studios and at festivals.


Latest Episode

Sun 25 Jun 5:00pm
Wed 28 Jun 2:00pm
Wed 28 Jun 9:00pm

Captured live at the 2017 Melbourne International Jazz Fest, Swiss outfit MaxMantis band together as a trio of jazz 'super heroes.'

Recent Episodes

Sat 13 May 5:00pm
Tue 16 May 2:00pm
Tue 16 May 9:00pm

On this epiosde, we're revisiting a memorable live album from the great Paul Desmond, and a rendition of his most famous composition: 'Take Five.'

Sun 7 May 5:00pm
Wed 10 May 2:00pm
Wed 10 May 9:00pm

UK saxophonist Denys Baptiste takes an in-depth look at John Coltrane's later works from his iconic Impulse! Records catalogue.

Sat 6 May 5:00pm
Tue 9 May 2:00pm
Tue 9 May 9:00pm

As the jazz world celebrates 100 years since Ella Fitzgerald's birth, Mal takes a look back at one of her many iconic collaborations.

Sun 30 Apr 5:00pm
Wed 3 May 2:00pm
Wed 3 May 9:00pm

We pay tribute to the late alto saxophonist and composer Arthur Blythe - who passed away in March 2017 at the age of 77.

Sat 29 Apr 5:00pm
Tue 2 May 2:00pm
Tue 2 May 9:00pm

Guitarist James Sherlock joins double bassist Ben Hanlon on a new Jazztrack live recording, captured at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Nate Smith
Sun 23 Apr 5:00pm
Wed 26 Apr 2:00pm
Wed 26 Apr 9:00pm

Lots of new releases in this episode of Jazztrack including American drummer Nate Smith’s ‘Kinfolk’ inspired by his many travels.


On Aug 4, 2015. 5:31pm
Anonymous said

Dear Mal,
I like Jazztrack. One problem: You say "ah" too many times. It's annoying when a presenter says "ah" several times every sentence. When I hear it I turn the radio off, and hope that when I turn it back on there will be music. You say "ah" a dozen time a minute some times. Listen to a recording of yourself on air. It's unnecessary and unprofessional. It would be better to have a pause (ie, silence) for half a second than say "ah." Please stop saying "ah" so I can continue to enjoy your work. Thanks.

On Aug 3, 2015. 8:53am
Anonymous said

Please put jazztrack back where it belongs. The movie soundtracks show would be more suited to later on when we need a hand falling asleep.
Joe from Mill Park

On Jul 27, 2015. 10:42am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Ian & Gayle,

Sorry to hear you had trouble streaming an episode. Do you remember which episode of Jazztrack you were trying to listen to?

If it was an older episode, unfortunately we can only offer listen again audio on shows for 28 days due to copyright restrictions, so audio for episodes over 4 weeks old will expire.


On Jul 26, 2015. 4:35pm
Anonymous said

I notice your sibling station ABC FM is still persisting away with its dodo (fillin music @5.00pm) and is having to resort to spreading the word on your own networks to muster an audience.
Has the experiment worked? I figure there is even half the audience for this music as there is for Jazz.
Are you and the ABC able to save appearances and change back? No didn't think so.

Now I know that it's only been half a year since the give up but I am wondering where we will all be in 2 years.
My crystal ball is too murky to tell

On Jul 24, 2015. 8:26pm
Anonymous said

We tried to start a Mal Stanley - Jazz Track "listen again", but nothing seems to work.

Jazz track - Mal Stanley was dropped out last year from Darwin from the normal starting time of 5pm (Darwin does not have digital radio). Having "listen again" is really appreciated but it needs to work.

Ian & Gayle
Darwin NT

On Jul 24, 2015. 11:09am
Anonymous said

I agree, please, please, please bring back Saturday and Sunday evening jazz on Classic FM Radio!!! These hours were the highlight of my week, and now they are lost....

On Jul 19, 2015. 6:50pm
Anonymous said

Hi I'd like to add another voice supporting the return of Jazztrack to Classic fm, In addition to sound quality, there was always the pleasure of driving with Jazztrack turned up taking us all to another world. Radio is such a simple pleasure, and as far as I know, Jazz is now totally unrepresented. Classic fm is now extremely boring at the weekend and I feel bereft.

On Jul 13, 2015. 12:28am
Anonymous said

I really miss geniune and skillful world music, bring back the Weekend Planet. Jazztrack is yuppie garbage.

On Jun 16, 2015. 1:26pm

I think I played some Eric Dolphy not long ago..happy to play more..I'll search out some Steve Lacy for you also...

On Jun 14, 2015. 5:56pm
Anonymous said

Mal...how 'way out' can you take Jazztrack?...I would like to know...(Could you play a track from both Eric Dolphy and Steve Lacy)...thanks...also, the show would be well received back on FM 92.9...

On Jun 14, 2015. 5:28pm
Anonymous said

I entirely agree with all the thoughtful comments posted and commiserate with Jazztrack lovers in regional areas. Programmes are still being scheduled in Jazztrack's former timeslots on Sat & Sun. Where are the cost savings, I wonder? Most of ABC Jazz on digital radio sounds like pre-packaged, musak mush and the sound quality is very inferior to FM radio on my analogue equipment. Along with everyone else, I urge you to re-consider your actions and put Jazztrack back where it belongs.

On Jun 14, 2015. 2:16pm
Anonymous said

Yes I agree it a tragedy losing Jazztrack off Classic FM. It was a bad decision. As if we didn't have enough classical music ! Far too much and out of balance. Mal has a knack of giving his program a very particular sound and style, that ABC Jazz just doesn't produce for some reason. It's bland.

On Jun 14, 2015. 12:42pm
Anonymous said

I just went to view the fabulous comments (here). Before I scrolled down I saw:
'Mal Stanley brings you the best jazz from Australia and around the world. On-air Saturday & Sunday at 5pm, repeated Tuesday & Wednesday at 2pm & 9pm.' ...My heart left for a brief moment thinking the ABC had realised that it had made a wrong decision...alas the page header had not been updated since December 2011. How I miss Jazz Track when it was at 5:00pm on Sunday FM, Being in the bush, I used to pour myself a whisky and settle in for some fabulous treats...now just a memory. Jazz track is out of reach on these city centric digital channels and I'm not much of a fan of film music.

On Jun 13, 2015. 7:31pm
Anonymous said

Dear Jazztrack,
Please come back to ABCFM. Screen Sounds can take up the midnight RN shift.

On Jun 13, 2015. 6:05pm
Anonymous said

Vale, Al.

On Jun 9, 2015. 9:51am
ABC Jazz said

Hi there, the episodes often take a little while to upload on the website. This weekend's Jazztrack episodes are all there now. Thanks for listening.

On Jun 7, 2015. 7:49pm
Anonymous said

Hello. It's 5.48 PM in Perth and I'm trying to listen to Jazztrack. It's not available on the website to listen to right now. How long does it take to be uploaded to the site?

On May 28, 2015. 9:15pm
Anonymous said

I've just spent some time going through the many thoughtful comments regarding the movement of Jazztrack from ABC Classic FM.
Those involved with ABC programme scheduling really should take note. There is a great deal of genuine dissatisfaction out there. To my knowledge, there has never been a proper explanation given for these unpopular changes. Furthermore, I'm still terribly disappointed that Gerry Koster's marvellous programme, Jazz Up Late, no longer exists.
Those of you who regularly read jazz news via these pages will likely be aware of how much I love, appreciate, honour and regularly contribute comments on this sublime art form termed jazz, that we know, play and love. (I'm an amateur musician and collector who has been keenly following jazz for well over fifty of my sixty-five years.)
Additionally, I'm an enthusiastic ABC supporter overall, whose car radio is always tuned to ABC Classic FM.
Therefore, for me to make any negative remarks is indeed a rarity and doubtless a surprise; I certainly wouldn't be doing so without careful consideration and sound reason.
Please listen to your faithful, devoted listeners.
Christopher Lynch.

On May 6, 2015. 12:41pm

Re the W.A Jazztrack times...on digital radio Jazztrack is still broadcast at 5pm..
On ABC Jazz on TV Channel 201 and on line it is broadcast at Eastern time so this would
be 3pm in non-daylight saving time in W.A.
It is also available anytime to listen to online after broadcast from the ABC Jazz website or
the RN website..click on the Jazztrack link.
These changes to Jazztrack were made as part of the reorganisation that occurred at the ABC earlier this year.
Hopefully you can still access Jazztrack....
Mal Stanley

On May 2, 2015. 9:11pm
Anonymous said

This programming and Jazztrack saga is unbelievable.

1.This program is supposed to be broadcast here in WA at between 5-7pm weekends, but does anyone think that this is happening? No. Listening to Mal and the program was something to look forward to during our weekend sundowners, including his 'what's on where' segment, and we miss it. In our location we can't receive digital radio (I checked) and the sound quality through the TV of any jazz is way less than we are used to. Not happy.

2. I also noticed that the website has been redesigned and looks pretty, but the functionality is - in my opinion - poor: where are the program times to be found? Where can I confirm what the broadcast times (in WA) for Jazztrack, or any other ABC Jazz program without having to resort to Googling that question? Dearieme, what a mess.

On Apr 5, 2015. 8:03pm
auswazza said

Good old ABC does it again!
Daylight saving finishes in the (all important?) Eastern States and the ABC is unable to work out how to adjust the delayed digital radio broadcasts to Western Australia. I tuned in to listen to Jazztrack (at its normal time of 5pm WST) and guess what, it is not on yet. In fact the Just Played site tells me that what I am listening to (and my digital radio print out confirms) I actually heard at 2:04 pm (WST) - Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra - The Touch of Your Lips.
It is now 6pm WST and Jazztrack has just started. Will the ABC be able to workout that the delay has to be cut to 2 hours by next Saturday, or should I rely on it starting at 6pm WST still.
Also someone who can count needs to adjust the Just Played web site.

On Apr 5, 2015. 5:19pm
Anonymous said

It's called the old one two.
First my favorite radio show gets shifted to the Cinderella hour on AM and then Netflix is launched ensuring that my broadband feed, which was working fine 6 weeks ago, is now slow as treacle and I can't listen online.
Thanks Mr Turnbull!

On Apr 4, 2015. 5:38pm

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Jazz Track ... but I loved it soooooo much more on FM!!!

That thin sounding low budget streaming we get on Aussie DAB+ FraudStream just leaves me cold.

I imagine it was the joy of 'office politics' that did it (the Jazz Haters Club?).

Keep up the good work all the same Mal!

BTW ~ there seems to be no way to reply to a comment?

Is that a feature or have I missed something?

On Mar 30, 2015. 8:13pm
Anonymous said

Dear old Auntie

It's nice to see you moving with the times going digital, dumbing down, cutting services, not providing adequate explanations, hyping up what’s left with Ad speak.

It is not just jazz that will suffer but it is the whole broader music industry; recording, live venues, entrepreneurs, events, who will feel the flow on effects of limited exposure to jazz and modern/contemporary musics on FM. Because it is through cross pollenisation of musical styles, that germinates new growth and stimulation. Many young people would, as they become more aware of music's breadth gravitate to jazz and classical music as a natural progression in musical awareness. Music is one Universe; it just can't happen all at once. Classical music will continue to lose more ground and relevance as you corral styles like jazz into their own box.

Advance Australia Fair.

On Mar 30, 2015. 12:13pm

Jazztrack is terrific - thank you Mal. But I really wish to express some disappointment that it got pushed off air. All I used to need to listen was an FM radio - now I have to muck about with computers - which is the last thing I want to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Ross Attrill.

On Mar 27, 2015. 10:05am

Sorry Earl that it's difficult for you to tune into Jazztrack with the changes that have been made as a result of recent events. As to podcasts we hope later this year to be able to offer our music programs (including Jazztrack) as downloadable as a non-saveable file to your device to be listened to at your convenience..

As you are outside the reach of digital radio perhaps an option is listening via ABC Jazz on channel 201 on your TV?
Mal Stanley

On Mar 26, 2015. 5:44pm
Anonymous said

Thanks ABC (irony), for moving Jazztrack out of my reach!! For many years my wife and I have tuned in to Jazztrack to catch a bit of sanity from the air waves, but no more. It had become a much loved weekend activity accompanied by a glass or two. Living in “the bush” exludes me from using digital radio and we are not allowed to record a podcast for later enjoyment. So I guess it's back to the old days sitting around the computer listening through rather crappy speakers and being frustrated by digital drop-outs. Thanks again, ABC. Cheers. Earl Broadbent.

On Mar 15, 2015. 4:11am
Anonymous said

Do bring back JazzTrack to a friendly time for listening.

On Mar 12, 2015. 1:36pm
Anonymous said

I know it's along time ago but Jazztrack recorded Danilo Rea solo and live in Melbourne several years ago and played a few of the tracks. I remember the performance in the concert space near the Ian Potter Gallery fondly and wondered if it would be possible to play the finale where I think he simultaneously played I've Got Rhythm and Here Comes The Sun, but it might have been other tracks.

On Mar 11, 2015. 9:49am

The tune you were referring to was by the Bennetts' Lane Big Band recorded at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival back in 2003 called 'The Antidote'..not released commercially unfortunately. Mal Stanley

On Mar 10, 2015. 11:35am
Anonymous said

I was listening on Saturday night and I'm sure I heard a track where the musician introduced a tune with words something like "If you try to dance to this you are crazy" . I have listened to the podcast but couldn't seem to hear the track. Was it in the show? It was definitely Jazz and late on Saturday. I wish I could email directly.

On Mar 8, 2015. 7:41pm
Anonymous said

As Anonymous said above, please go back to ABC Classic FM. The Weekend Planet was the best music program I have heard anywhere in my 47 years on this planet. I discovered so many genius world musicians thanks to Doug Spencer. I refer you to Frank Zappa's comments on jazz. As for mine, it is bland, head up it's own arse music.

On Mar 4, 2015. 8:26pm
Anonymous said

Please come back to Classic FM.
We miss you.

On Mar 1, 2015. 9:07pm
auswazza said

Dear Jazztrack,

If any one is listening? Why was Jazztrack today (March1 2015) only 1 hour and 50 minutes long?
And can I once again try to get a response to a (twice) previously asked question: Are Playlists for Jazztrack, that we used to be able to access when Jazztrack was on Classic FM, available somewhere?. Oh for the old days!

On Feb 26, 2015. 3:35pm
auswazza said

Re Comment Feb 25, 2015. 12:50pm

Maybe Gerry Koster has (like Jazz Up Late) been "decommissioned", whatever that means.

My Oxford Dictionary defines


Definition of decommission in English:
[with object]
1 Withdraw (something, especially weapons or military equipment) from service: a decision to decommission the ice patrol ship HMS Endurance

1.1 Make (a nuclear reactor) inoperative and dismantle it safely: we need to decommission old nuclear power stations

Never knew Gerry and Jazz Up Late in particular or Jazz in general was so dangerous.

PS. Still awaiting reply to my post of 25 January re availability of Playlists for Jazz track that we used to be able to access when Jazztrack was on Classic FM. Oh for the old days!

On Feb 25, 2015. 2:50pm
Anonymous said

Where is Jerry foster? Hope you havent buried him along with j up late!
George Leishman Pt Lonsdale Vic

On Feb 15, 2015. 10:32pm
Anonymous said

Two hours of jazz on two weekend evenings? This is too much. Please get the jazz back onto Classic FM and leave RN for talk, news background, science magazine, history and the other things it's great for. Spend the 2 hours playing blended extracts from Big Ideas, Religion and Ethics Report, Science Show, Saturday Extra, Hindsight and so on. I respect that people want to hear jazz, but it shouldn't be on RN.

On Feb 15, 2015. 2:49pm
Anonymous said

Love the show!
Thank heavens you got rid of the weekend lobotomy music!

On Feb 19, 2015. 4:49am
LikeJazz said

Another Classy Site: Jazz Wyoming (90.1). The most beautiful 'solid' sound at 256kbs. no drop-outs at all and, best of all, absolutely no interference as you wander about your favourite places. It can take quite a while to load at times but when streaming starts it's 'sheer bliss'. Jazz Wyoming has the best Bass sound and Ray Brown has the most gorgeous tone on this site; you can feel the wood!


On Feb 13, 2015. 3:21pm
Anonymous said

Why no podcast? How useless is that?

On Feb 12, 2015. 5:52am
LikeJazz said

For listeners still experiencing problems with the Jazz feed: Go to "Born in Blue" streaming Jazz. Great Jazz @ 320kbps. On my old computer I get the odd buffering dropout - On NRK (Norway) Great Jazz, no dropouts and pretty good sound @ 192kbps. The Norwegian language is tough but the Musicians names are easily recognised
and there is very little chatter anyway. Want more stations...Search Jazz Radio Streaming on line. The programming on NRK is World Class!


On Feb 11, 2015. 8:14pm
Anonymous said

Would you please do your best to stream this audio at a listenable bitrate, which will not cause any legal difficulties. Is there any technical difficulty involved?

On Feb 11, 2015. 12:03pm
ABC Jazz said

Actually it's not legal to offer downloadable files of programs containing commercial music. There may have been third party software that allowed a capture of 'streaming audio', but downloads of Jazztrack episodes have never be offered by the ABC.

Stay tuned to news from the ABC Radio App (available on smartphones). A feature will be available on these devices which will allow 'listen-again' of full programs on the device, even when not connected to the internet, with the program temporarily stored on that device only (ie: not offering downloadble files).

On Feb 10, 2015. 7:30pm
Anonymous said

The audio streams at the current bitrate are unlistenable. Please at least offer a 256 or 320 kbps audio stream for this program.

On Feb 9, 2015. 3:28pm
Anonymous said

Can anyone help me out here. I can download other RN & Classic FM programs to my desktop and listen later with RealPlayer. Why is this option not provided for this program? Please consider returning Jazz Track to FM in the early evening on Saturdays and Sundays.
Not Happy ABC

On Feb 9, 2015. 10:32am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for your comments. Mal Stanley's Jazztrack had a technical glitch at 5pm on Saturday February 7 2014, resulting in no broadcast. Below is a link to hear audio of Saturday's show for a period of 1 month.


The program will also be repeated on Tuesday February 10, 2014 at 2pm and 9pm eastern on digital TV and online and at 2pm and 9pm local time on DAB+ (digital radio).

On Feb 8, 2015. 6:10pm
Anonymous said

Dear Jazztrack, while many listeners are very disappointed that Jazztrack has moved to RN and run at an inhospitable time slot it is even more disappointing that I also cannot download and listen to the latest episode. Other programs on the RN site can be downloaded fine but not for Jazztrack.

On Feb 8, 2015. 10:53am
Anonymous said

Agree with JannoM and LikeJazz,
No Mal, no explanation. Seems ABC can happily ignore listeners, especially those of use in the country where internet access is poor. I wait with baited breath to see whether Jazztrack will be on this evening.

On Feb 8, 2015. 4:49pm
LikeJazz said


! totally agree! Mind you on 'Listen Later' I've recorded an excellent 'Just Jazz' segment on my Digital Radio -
Jess announced Just Jazz and after a while 'Jazztrack' was displayed on the Pure Dial, then taken off?
A simple explanation would have been, at least, well mannered! Sadly none was offered!

On Feb 7, 2015. 7:50pm
Anonymous said

I am not computer illiterate but I have NOT been able to play Jazz track through this website since it moved from ABC classic FM. This is rubbish.

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