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Mal Stanley brings you the best jazz from Australia and around the world. On-air Saturday & Sunday at 5pm, repeated Tuesday & Wednesday at 2pm & 9pm.

Join him for a whole world of jazz, including new and historical recordings and the ABC's own recordings in studios and at festivals.


Latest Episode

Sun 13 Aug 5:00pm
Wed 16 Aug 2:00pm
Wed 16 Aug 9:00pm

The Johannes Luebbers Dectet celebrates ten years on a new Jazztrack live recording, captured in 2017 at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Recent Episodes

Sat 25 Feb 5:00pm
Tue 28 Feb 2:00pm
Tue 28 Feb 9:00pm

As we continue our retrospective of 100 years of jazz on record, Mal takes a look back to the bebop years, kicking off with Dexter Gordon.

Sun 19 Feb 5:00pm
Wed 22 Feb 2:00pm
Wed 22 Feb 9:00pm

Trumpeter David Weiss brings together his band Point of Departure on a new recording titled Wake Up Call, drawing inspiration from the 60s.

Sat 18 Feb 5:00pm
Tue 21 Feb 2:00pm
Tue 21 Feb 9:00pm

Catch a new recording from Melbourne-based outfit The Slipdixies called 'Red Hot Mama,' celebrating traditional jazz from the 1920s.

Sun 12 Feb 5:00pm
Wed 15 Feb 2:00pm
Wed 15 Feb 9:00pm

Hear a new release from the Puerto Rican saxophonist Miguel Zenon - a celebration of his longstanding quartet, whom he calls 'family.'

Sat 11 Feb 5:00pm
Tue 14 Feb 2:00pm
Tue 14 Feb 9:00pm

Billy Holiday is front-and-centre on this episode, as Mal revisits some of the classic sessions as we celebrate 100 years of jazz on record.

Thomas Clausen
Sun 5 Feb 5:00pm
Wed 8 Feb 2:00pm
Wed 8 Feb 9:00pm

Plenty of music from Denmark, with tunes by pianist Thomas Clausen in 1980, plus Mads Tolling on violin interpreting music for screen.


On Nov 19, 2013. 12:46pm
Anonymous said

Thanks Mal for the technical information concerning recording techniques, types of microphones and such during Jazztrack. Like you, I love the smooth sound via ribbon mikes. As you well know I always enjoy your programmes, but this additional detail is a further enhancement. Keep it coming please.
Thanks and cheers,
Christopher Lynch.

On Oct 30, 2013. 2:17pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Andrew, thanks for the info about Tommy Whittle. We'll make sure Mal gets the message.
ABC Jazz

On Oct 25, 2013. 12:06pm
Anonymous said

Greetings Mal.
You may or may not be aware that Tommy Whittle died recently whilst on holiday in Spain. He leaves a wife -Barbara Jay, and two sons, Sean and Martin.

Your sincerely,
Andrew Willox (eldest son of Roy Willox, Sax/Flt/Clar)

Near Ballarat

On Oct 15, 2013. 4:13pm
Siri said

What is the song name that was played on Jazztrack Saturday on Tue15 at 2 p.m? I really like this song.

Thank you.

On Oct 5, 2013. 5:32pm
Anonymous said

Hey Mal - I am sitting on the Gold Coast right now in ultra relaxed mode listening to your program - something that I used to love and which I still hear the intro to from time to time in my head - I live in Seattle nowadays and i do miss Jazz Track. So many thanks for your selections and presentation - Jazz with James on QANTAS is the only one who comes even close :)) It's been a difficult two years for me - such a solace listening to your program as I slowly enter a better and new phase. Cheers Darren

On Aug 8, 2013. 4:30pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Julius, thanks for making contact - we'll pass it on to Mal,
ABC Jazz

On Aug 3, 2013. 11:56pm
Anonymous said

HI Mal,

Goddam while on holidays I missed the May 12 program with the extraordinary Phronesis live in Australia, one of my current favourite jazz groups but the Listen Again has expired. Any chance of broadcasting the concert again or reinstating the Listen Again? Thanks heaps, loved the live Christian McBride and Mike Stern. Julius

On Jul 23, 2013. 12:13pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi there, in regards to gig listings... please feel free to post on our Facebook page as our followers may pick up on info there:

And if you need to address any specific communication, please use this Contact Us Page:

Addressing to the presenter in question will hit the mark.

Thanks for the inquiry,
ABC Jazz

On Jul 8, 2013. 4:22pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi there - here are the details for the La Passion track:
'Honeysuckle Rose' F Waller
Roby Lakatos - 'La Passion' (Avanti Classical 5414706104125)

On Jul 6, 2013. 5:41pm
Anonymous said

Mal. What was the track from La Passione that you played please?

On Jun 28, 2013. 9:54am
Anonymous said

Thanks so much Mal for your inclusion of the traditional Korean tune 'Arirang', by Youn Sun Nah in a recent edition of Jazztrack. Having many lovely Korean friends and relatives this provided a very meaningful, romantic interlude (lump in throat!) for me and many others.
Christopher Lynch.

On Jun 11, 2013. 9:53am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Ian, thanks for making contact. The Jazztrack theme music is:
'Blues on the Table' Doug de Vries
DdV 601 (Free Range)

On Jun 8, 2013. 5:14pm
Anonymous said

LOve the program Mal

What is the title of the opening guitar riff and who is playing it
Cheers Ian

On May 30, 2013. 12:50pm
Anonymous said

Youn Sun Nah has emerged as one of the most innovative, multi-faceted and intriguing female singers in jazz today. In fact, she is quite impossible to categorize. Being an enthusiastic supporter of the Asian influence in jazz - in her case Korean - I've been enthralled to hear pieces from her latest album during a couple of episodes of Jazztrack. (I already own four of her albums.) Thankyou so much Mal Stanley. Please keep sharing any new music from this region of the world with us. Don't miss this remarkable lady live should she return to these shores. Recommended.
Christopher Lynch.

On May 18, 2013. 4:09pm
Anonymous said

Yes, thank you! That's the song, the version of Desperadoes under the eaves, that i heard. Thank you, appreciate that!

On May 16, 2013. 3:03pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Christopher, we couldn't locate the exact track at the time you mentioned (what time-zone were you listening from?), but our guess is that it was a cover of 'Desperados Under the Eaves' by Madeleine Peyroux.
Could this be the one?


On May 15, 2013. 10:04am
Anonymous said

I was hoping you might be able to tell me the singer of a track; heard it at around 6.30pm, Saturday 11th May, the track was a cover of the old Warren Zevon song "Desperados under the eaves". Because it was a female vocalist one line was changed to "And I'm trying to find a boy who understands me" instead of the original "girl".

On May 7, 2013. 11:50am
Anonymous said

The Giacomo Gates beguiling take on the classic "All Blues" - featured during last Sunday's edition of Jazztrack - fairly took my breath away! A haunting, timeless melody combined with enchanting lyrics made time stand still for several intensely intoxicating minutes.
Many thanks Mal Stanley.
Any more coming?
Christopher Lynch.

On May 7, 2013. 11:50am
Anonymous said

The Giacomo Gates beguiling take on the classic "All Blues" - featured during last Sunday's edition of Jazztrack - fairly took my breath away! A haunting, timeless melody combined with enchanting lyrics made time stand still for several intensely intoxicating minutes.
Many thanks Mal Stanley.
Any more coming?
Christopher Lynch.

On Mar 18, 2013. 10:19am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for your comments Arth!

On Mar 16, 2013. 1:58pm
Anonymous said

Never before has the word "seamless" been so relevant. It perfectly describes the transition from Jim McLeod to Mal Stanley. Thankyou for so many new artists and tracks - favourites include Dr Lonny Smith, The Necks, Pat Metheny, Ray Brown Trio, Modern Jazz Quartet, Al de Meola and so many more.


On Mar 6, 2013. 11:06am
ABC Jazz said

Hello, there are 2 possibilities of what track was heard (in Brisbane) at around 14:40 on March 5, 2013.

If it was an up-tempo track is was:
'More Sympathy for the Drummer' by Zwingberger/Waters/Watts/Green,
from the album 'The ABC and D of Boogie Woogie' (Eagle EAGCD4885'55)

If it was a slower vocal track, it would have been:
'I Fall in Love Too Easily' by Luciana Souza
from the album 'The Book of Chet' (Sunnyside ssc 1316)

You can hear the program again and get the complete playlists here:

Thanks for listening,
ABC Jazz

On Mar 5, 2013. 2:42pm
Anonymous said

What is the song that being play at 14:40 Brisbane time?

On Feb 25, 2013. 1:33pm
Anonymous said

Thanks Mal Stanley for your excellent Jazztrack programmes this past weekend - always a pleasure to the ears.
No doubt you're a very busy chap, but if possible I'd love to hear another track or two from these albums:
Wynton Kelly - "It's All Right".
Dick Morrissey Quartet - "Storm Warning".
Cheers and thanks Mal,
Christopher Lynch.

On Feb 18, 2013. 3:02pm
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for the Johnny Smith article Kenny!

On Feb 12, 2013. 8:43pm
Anonymous said

You just played a Johnny Smith track from '67.

The major reason he left New York and stopped touring was not fear of the studio but to look after his then 4 year old daughter, following his wife's death. So - a decent man, too. More detail on him is here, in an article from the Colorado Springs Independent (from quite some time ago now).

He was a fine fine player, undeservedly neglected today. Unlike many guitarists of later generations, he used sublime technique only to serve expression, not to dazzle for its own sake.


On Dec 21, 2012. 1:39pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Robert, we've tracked down the piece in question, broadcast on the Jazztrack repeat on Dec 12, 2012.

It's from the WA band 'Daramad'
Track: 'Lamma Bada'
CD: 'Daramad' (Parenthese Records)

Thanks for listening,
ABC Jazz

On Dec 12, 2012. 3:03pm
Anonymous said

Two questions.

What was that middle eastern sounding piece by (I think) a West Australian outfit.

I am writing as anonymous because after I registered I kept getting "access denied" whenever I tried to move around the website and ABC Jazz doesn't exist in the help pages.


Robert Wood

On Nov 4, 2012. 10:01pm

Good Program...Nice mate!

On Oct 17, 2012. 10:04am
ABC Jazz said

Hello, thanks for the question about Theo Bleckmann's 'Hello Earth' disc...

We can't really point you to places to purchase the album, but we did a quick search online and found some options to either order a physical disc or a downloaded copy.

Good luck tracking it down and thanks for listening...!

On Oct 17, 2012. 10:00am
ABC Jazz said

Hi there... the 'smooth French singer' played in Jazztrack was Cyrille Aimee, a French singer, now living in Brooklyn. She will be heading to Australia November, so you may catch a gig...?
The track we heard on Jazztrack was:
'Django Mort' from the album 'Junction' by the band; Hot Club of Detroit.

Thanks for listening...!

On Oct 16, 2012. 2:26pm
Anonymous said

please what is the name & song played with that smooth french female singer that was on about 3:20 today??

On Oct 15, 2012. 6:12pm
Anonymous said

Does anyone know if the cd Hello Earth by Theo Bleckmann is available in Australia??

On Sep 28, 2012. 8:20am
Anonymous said

You guys should check out from New York, jazz singer ,songwriter Brigitte Zarie


We love her here !

On Sep 23, 2012. 6:06pm
Anonymous said

Hi Mal & thanks for the "Lighthouse" track by Simcock,Garland and Sirkis. I got my ear to the speaker man and that track layed down some wonderfully upbeat impro over some diggin' in grooves. Cheers for that I purchased it immediately. Regards,Simon

On Aug 15, 2012. 3:49pm
Anonymous said

Hi! I was just wondering what the name of the song the was played about 3 mins ago. With a guitar and a girl singing?

On May 23, 2012. 4:06pm
Anonymous said

Just heard your program featuring Ken James. There was a number called Last Straw, which I immediately recognised as something else - the Cymbalism track from Drum Suite, by Manny Albam and Ernie Wilkins. I'm sure Last Straw was presented as a Ken James' original.
Louis Allen

On May 23, 2012. 3:27pm
Anonymous said

you guys help keep me sane and happy.

On May 7, 2012. 10:50am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Tsim,

We believe the track you heard (starting with solo piano) was:
‘Laurie’ composed by Bill Evans
Performed by: Chick Corea/Eddie Gomez/Paul Motian
CD: 'Further Explorations' (Concord cja 3336402)

You could try and have another listed to the show and pick it up again here:

And you can see the complete Jazztrack playlist from April 29th:

Good luck – I hope this has helped,

ABC Jazz

On Apr 30, 2012. 9:56am
Tsim said

Hi Mal Stanley,

Re: Apr.29, 2012 (5:43-5:47 pm)

Your sharing of the good music/songs is so enjoyable and impressive in your programs ! You are one of the best DJs in ABC Jazz which I and my fans are always appreciate !
I should be grateful if you could kindly inform me the name of the song which was played on the specified time of the caption. I regret that as my English is not good, I could not fully gasp the name/player of the fastastic piano piece which per my memory started with a series of single note of beautiful piano playing just like the `ting, ting, ting ....' making me feel extremely attracted by the melody. I sincerely hope your information will lead me to buy the lovely disc for me and my family's enjoyment ! Much appreciated to your kind attention to this request, and you may reply me by email at tsimnmay@bigpond.com. Best regards, Tsim

On Mar 21, 2012. 12:11pm
Anonymous said

Why doesn't ABC Jazz include Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz from NPR? It used to be on ABC Classic FM years ago.

On Feb 21, 2012. 1:17pm
Anonymous said

I thought ABC Jazz on Digital Radio replayed JazzTrack on Tuesday at 2pm??? not on ..

On Dec 21, 2011. 6:23pm
Anonymous said

Just heard Duke's Place, with Louis! Very nice! I'm listening on my iBook in San Diego, California@ 12:19 a.m. Wed. I used to listen way back in the 60's when I lived in Perth to Jim McLeod's Jazztracks. He had a smooth almost silky style that worked!

Mike Thomason
An Aussie in California

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