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Trio two

Alister Spence 16by9
Page added Jul 24, 2017 Updated Jul 31, 2017

The Alister Spence Trio are about to launch their 7th album and we've got a sneak preview of the double CD to kick off this week's playlist.

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The Alister Spence Trio - featuring Lloyd Swanton on bass and Toby Hall on drums - will be launching their new double album Not Everything But Enough at the Soundlounge in Sydney this coming August and we'll hear a sample from the record to start the show.

There's also music from Aussie expats Jo Lawry, Shannon Barnett and Quentin Angus - plus some vintage jazz rock by the band Crossfire.

Presented by James Kennedy
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Trio two


Jul 24, 2017. 9:00pm - 10:00pm
Jul 28, 2017. 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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On Jul 27, 2017. 11:51pm
Anonymous said

Is it just me, or... how come the wind so dominates Jazz. Almost every single time I listen to Jazz here I hear the wind. Just because you have a instrument that's louder and shinier, doesn't meant to say you have the right to continually drown out the piano or base or other less windy instruments. C'mon! Jazz is all about diversity and I'm fatigued by this monoculture. The monoculture of the wind. Please, please, please rescue me and give me some even proportioning. Don't get me wrong. I love sax, just not aaaaalllll the time!

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