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Jazz Up Late Gerry Koster
Page added Dec 2, 2011 Updated Oct 25, 2013

A mix of contemporary jazz performance with Gerry Koster. On-air Friday at 10.30pm, repeated Monday at 9pm.

Join Gerry on an adventure in the world of progressive jazz and creative improvised music, with new recordings from home and across the globe.

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Latest Episode

Paul Grabowsky
Fri 24 Oct 10:30pm
Mon 27 Oct 9:00pm

On Jazz Up Late, Gerry Koster gives us previews from Melbourne pianist Paul Grabowsky (his first solo album) and Trish Clowes' new release.

Recent Episodes

Fri 17 Oct 10:30pm
Mon 20 Oct 9:00pm

Previews, new releases and more from the late Kenny Wheeler as sideman and bandleader.

Fri 10 Oct 10:30pm
Mon 13 Oct 9:00pm

Featured this week is the debut recording by Wadada Leo Smith's Great Lakes Quartet, Paul Grabowsky's first solo album and more...

Isaacs Elders Suite
Fri 3 Oct 10:30pm
Mon 6 Oct 9:00pm

On this episode, we'll hear Mark Isaacs' 'Elders Suite' featuring the late trumpeter and composer, Kenny Wheeler.

Stephen Magnusson
Fri 26 Sep 10:30pm
Mon 29 Sep 9:00pm

Owen McKern presents a few recent Australian jazz records you may have missed, plus we'll hear from some of the 2014 Wang headliners.

Matthew Halsall
Fri 19 Sep 10:30pm
Mon 22 Sep 9:00pm

On this episode, we look at the way some modern jazz artists have drawn influence from areas of music not often associated with the genre.

Phil Treloar
Fri 12 Sep 10:30pm
Mon 15 Sep 9:00pm

On this episode of Jazz Up Late, Gerry Koster features Phil Treloar's 'Paths And Streams' performance initiative and some recent releases.


On Aug 25, 2014. 12:09pm
Anonymous said

Hi Gerry and thanks for your marvellous Jazztrack work this past weekend.
So much outstanding music, but one track that gripped my ears was the newie by John McLaughlin. Does that man ever tire? There's still plenty of mustard in his playing and what a band he has with him! Gary Husband, as we both know, is a brilliant drummer and unusually, a very fine keyboardist to boot. I continue to admire Gary's work with the phenomenal Jack Bruce. ( I must check out Jack's latest album too. Adore the cover art.)
Cheers and thanks again,
Christopher Jazzbear Lynch.

On Aug 18, 2014. 9:55am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks for the info Peter. Feel free to post info of gigs on our Facebook page as well.

On Aug 15, 2014. 1:29pm
Anonymous said

Hi. How do I request to mention my brothers Jazz band playing at Petersham RSL on Sunday during his community shoutouts segment? The band play at 3pm and are called the Regent street Stage Band, Regent Street Petersham RSL.

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 17, 2014. 2:26pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Jimmy, appreciate your feedback.

Some might say that they are only one track away from something they really like, rather than potentially 1hr away (in the case of genre-based shows). Many really enjoy the variety of styles/segues on ABC Jazz.

As you say, everyone is different. We hope there's something to enjoy in our programming, and thanks again for your thoughts!

On Apr 15, 2014. 11:58am
jimmy59 said

Oh, by the way, how do I communicate this to "Il Capo", rather than just throw this at whoever chances to see it?

On Apr 15, 2014. 11:21am
jimmy59 said

OK. Everyone likes different stuff. What annoys me is that the jazz program plays a few minutes singing, a few minutes guitar, a few minutes New Age bebop, a few minutes Parker. a few minutes this, a few minutes that. What about a full hour of each genre so that we know when we have something decent to listen to according to taste. This switching about all the time means I turn OFF. Permanently.

On Apr 15, 2014. 10:05am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Peter, no news of Kenny Werner gigs on this visit unfortunately. We'll keep an ear out though, thanks for making contact.

On Apr 11, 2014. 3:21pm

I've heard on the grapevine that Kenny Werner will be in Sydney for a non-jazz function on 19th April (and maybe 13th as well). Anyone know if he's doing any jazz shows while he's there?

On Feb 12, 2014. 9:46am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Graham,
Thanks for your feedback. We certainly have a few 'shows' during the week, lasting up to 2hrs, some that venture outside the musical material in our regular playlist. We're glad to have this variety in programming, I'm sure you appreciate the large range in styles that are (or are informed by) Jazz.
All the best, keep in touch,
ABC Jazz.

On Feb 10, 2014. 10:39pm
Anonymous said

It is Monday night at 10'30. What is the absolute rubbish you are playing. How to absolutely annoy and turn off your audience. I Thu.k you said Wolfmother. Stop wrecking the ABC Jazz station. Just play decent Jazz, and stop being so inconsiderate.
Graham of Kew

On Nov 11, 2013. 11:58am
ABC Jazz said

Thanks Pete - we'll pass it on.

On Nov 10, 2013. 2:01pm
petedyer said

Hi Gerry,
I am Pete Dyer, Myke Dyer's son. My father has an extensive jazz collection and it is now time to see if I can put into a new home. There are approximately 3000 LP's. Ranging from the mid fifties to early seventies. Just wondering if anyone is interested in them?

On Nov 8, 2013. 1:32pm
Anonymous said

Hi Gerry,
On Mon 4/11/13 at around 10.47 pm you played something very interesting and i think you mentioned Jon Hassell being a part of it. Can I please have some more info?
Regards, George.

On Nov 4, 2013. 10:26pm
Anonymous said

Hi Gerry,

Your definition of improvised music seems to exclude jazz. Tonight, 04 November, is a good example.

Cheers, Knox Lovell, Host, the Jazz Show, 4zzz 102.1 fm, Brisbane

On Nov 2, 2013. 9:30am
Anonymous said

Thanks Gerry for playing Drum Thunder from the album Fury hope that you get a chance to play the titled track Fury that has me playing Piano/Synth /Vocals and Drums improvised and in one take
Craig Collinge

On Aug 17, 2013. 6:42pm
Anonymous said

Hi Gerry
Would really love to hear some Ruslan Sirota 'sister moon' played... Any chance of hearing this wonderful grammy award winning jazz pianist?

On Apr 7, 2013. 9:46pm
Anonymous said

Hello Gerry,
I'll certainly be listening in to the Mingus presentation this week on Jazz Up Late. Mingus didn't merely play the bass, he pumped his soul into it! Not for him were showy runs or pretentious theatricalism. Mingus always 'said something' reverberating in his heart. A superb leader and thinker was Mingus. Furthermore, to me this man remains one of America's foremost composers. Thankyou Gerry.
Christopher Lynch.

On Jan 19, 2012. 12:21am
Anonymous said

Hi Gerry,
My name is David Phillips, I am a full time double bassist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and have recently collaborated with some of Adelaide's finest musicians to create an album of original contemporary jazz. The band is called Bottleneck and our debut album is called 'Diversions'. We are really proud of it and would like to send you a copy with the hope that you will like it and play it on your show. Could you please let me know who and where I should send a copy to.
Kind Regards

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