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Jessica Nicholas ABC Jazz
Page added Dec 2, 2011 Updated Oct 25, 2013

Jessica ranges widely across the jazz spectrum, with an emphasis on contemporary artists and current releases from Australia and abroad. On-air Thursday at 2pm, repeated Sunday at noon.

Jessica has a particular interest in European jazz, where some of the most interesting developments in jazz are taking place. She is also fascinated by the way jazz and improvised music are influenced by other musical forms such as classical and world music.

Latest Episode

Thu 26 Mar 2:00pm
Sun 29 Mar 12:00pm

With the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and SIMA International Winter Series recently launched, we'll take a look at some of the artists heading our way in May and June.

Recent Episodes

Thu 19 Mar 2:00pm
Sun 22 Mar 12:00pm

New music from the Norwegian trio Huntsville and their 2015 album 'Pond,' plus a peek into singer Andy Bey's 'Pages from an Imaginary Life.'

Thu 12 Mar 2:00pm
Sun 15 Mar 12:00pm

The final recording made by the late Kenny Wheeler has been released, and it makes a fitting farewell for the Canadian-born trumpeter.

Thu 5 Mar 2:00pm
Sun 8 Mar 12:00pm

Norwegian saxophonist Marius Neset is making big waves on the European jazz scene, and we'll hear from his latest release, 'Pinball.'

Thu 26 Feb 2:00pm
Sun 1 Mar 12:44pm

US saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa offers a very contemporary tribute to Charlie Parker with his new album, aptly titled 'Bird Calls.'

Thu 19 Feb 2:00pm
Sun 22 Feb 12:00pm

Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock will come together at this year's Melbourne International Jazz Festival, and we'll feature both artists in this episode.

Thu 12 Feb 2:00pm
Sun 15 Feb 12:00pm

UK quartet Blue-Eyed Hawk take their name and lyrical inspiration from poetry, and we'll hear one of their offerings on the show this week.


On Feb 22, 2015. 4:52am
Anonymous said

love your voice

On Feb 22, 2015. 1:08am
Anonymous said

Hi Jess
Bises de Paris

On Jan 13, 2015. 1:45pm
joannejzg said

Hola Jessica,

Perhaps a group of interest? Brisbane grown group "Cleon's Three" launching their original Cuban-Jazz album "Techni-colour Rain". Touring nationally in Feb, playing Brisbane Jazz Club, Melbourne's Bennett's Lane, NIMA and more.
Originals by Cleon Barraclough (Piano) and Sacha K (Drums) completed with slick bass playing by Cuban international musical director/composer for stage show "Ballet Revolucion", Osmar "Chiki" Salazar.

Demo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju1u0F1aqNE
Tour - http://www.cleon.com.au/gigs-tours/
More info - cleon.com.au

Jo Anne | joanne@jzg.com.au

On Jan 12, 2015. 10:49pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica,

Julia Messenger will be hosting her second Sunday Soiree in her private studio in Brunswick on the 25th January at 5pm. Julia will be accompanied by award winning jazz pianist Andrea Keller and tickets include a complimentary champagne and nibbles for a relaxing sunday of song and conversation with Julia.

You can read a review of the first soiree and find tickets on Julia's website www.juliamessenger.com.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more info or a track or two!



On Aug 12, 2014. 11:51am
ABC Jazz said

Hi Ben Perrim,
We can jump in on behalf of Jessica Nicholas and we'll send you an email too.
Thanks for the info about Bellingen Jazz, all the best with the festival!
ABC Jazz team.

On Aug 11, 2014. 6:30am

Hi jessica

after recent appointment to organise this regional event- i am eager to expand its audience. with the jazz fans very well catered for, now with a large and diverse range of influences on offer- the event is platforming enormous musical profile/calibre and also many younger musicians.... however it is facing uncertain future.
To maintain relevance and continue to cover costs for the nonprofit community event -the event is taking risk to broadening its scope and hopefully demographic in attendance. can you please advise the best person to contact regarding any opportunity for promotion through your station for this year or beyond.

With a pool of some of the best in the country-
Essentially this iconic community run event needs further support to promote the beautiful experience on offer in Bellingen- risking the loss of another community event in Bellingen & the north coast region.

Please include any of the gig guide details below .

Thank you for any considerations.

Gig Guide Details:

Event: Bellingen Jazz music Festival
title: 25 years sustained intensity
Event date: 15,16,17 august
Festival duration: 3days
Website: www.bellingenjazzfestival.com.au
Music styles: Jazz (all styles), blues, Funk, gypsy/ manouche, theatre show, brazillian choro & more.

all regards,
Ben Perrim
Event Coordinator.
25th Bellingen Jazz Festival
15-16–17 August 2014

On Jun 16, 2014. 1:29pm
jwhiter said

Thanks Jessica. You're a legend! I'm sure others will also be enlightened by this.



On Jun 16, 2014. 12:38pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi John,

Thanks for your message. Yes, it was a special concert, wasn't it? Here is the full set list:

Song My Lady Sings
Dorotea's Studio
Maria Carmella
Hymn to the Mother
Where Are You
Sweet Georgia Bright

All the best,

On Jun 14, 2014. 5:10pm
jwhiter said

Hello Jessica. I just read your Age review of the Charles Lloyd trio concert a fortnight ago at the Melbourne recital Centre, a fine review that captured the atmosphere on the night. And helpful too - as you said, Charles uttered not a word throughout which meant we often had little idea what he was playing. I did recognise "Sweet Georgia Bright" and "Ramanujan"/"Tagi"/"Hymn to the Mother" but your review got me "Homage" and "Maria Carmela". I still have no idea, though, what the first encore was, a really lovely ballad that's been playing in my head ever since. A standard? And I didn't recognise either of the two pieces that followed "Homage". I've searched my fairly extensive collection of Charles Lloyd CDs but I'm still none the wiser. Maybe you picked up on all these and if you did I'd love to know.

Thanks for your Thursday program on ABCJazz and also for your occasional but always informative contributions to Andrew Ford's Saturday morning show on RN.


John Whiter

On Jun 13, 2014. 5:05pm
Anonymous said

Hello Jessica. I have just read your Age review of the Charles Lloyd Trio concert a fortnight ago. Not just a fine review of a great concert but helpful too - as you said Charles didn't say a word so we could only guess at what he was playing. I picked the second encore, "Sweet Georgia Bright", and "Ramanujan"/"Tagi"/"Hymn to the Mother" but you got "Homage" and "Maria Carmela" for me. I wonder though if you picked up on the ballad that he played for the first encore which has been playing in my head ever since? - a standard? There were also two pieces after Homage that I didn't recognize and haven't been able to track down in my fairly extensive collection of Charles Lloyd CDs. Any clues?

Thanks, too, for your program on ABCJazz and also for your occasional contributions to Andrew Ford's Saturday morning show

Kind regards,


On May 10, 2014. 9:44am
Anonymous said

Thanks so much Jessica for your thoughtful, accurate article on the wonderful Charles Lloyd in today's edition of 'The Age'. I've admired Charles immensely ever since hearing his gorgeous track 'Tagore', from his stunning album 'Charles Lloyd in Europe' which I first encountered back in - I think - 1969. I played this album almost as much as 'Kind Of Blue' I reckon! He does indeed just keep on getting better, so much so that he's now possibly my favourite living jazz musician.
My utmost gratitude and cheers Jessica,
Christopher Lynch.

On Apr 16, 2014. 9:58pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica

I thought you might be interested in "Dress Pretty, Dance Ugly" - a new crossover jazz EP by the Fresh Dixie Project.


The band recently had an opportunity to record a track at Peter Gabriel's studio:


This year the band has already been confirmed for Elbjazz:


And as headliners for Southport Jazz Festival:


If you want more information please let me know.

Best wishes



"...these five brits are swinging in the footsteps of Jamie Cullum. With a little less pop and a little more panache, these guys are young and fresh enough to make their audience 'dress clean and dance dirty'". Elbjazz Festival, 2014.

"It's got an edge; there's teeth without it ever becoming funky or forced. It's got a timeless class, yet still feels fresh." One Question Music, Feb 2013.

Key successes so far:

- Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Shambala Festival, Boomtown Festival, Wilderness Festival, Swingamajig Festival.

- Radio play on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson and BBC introducing. Recommended by Jamie Cullum on BBC Radio 2.

- Solid bookings with a few international shows (including Elbjazz Festival in Hamburg alongside Gregory Porter, Snarky Puppy, Gabby Young.

- Strong sales online and at shows

On Feb 23, 2014. 1:45pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica - fewer words and more music would be appreciated

On Feb 13, 2014. 2:12pm

Hi, Jessica, just love the European Jazz that you have played today. It helps me to get over not living in the 4th, close to all those Parisian Jazz clubs. Thanks David Musgrave

On Nov 15, 2013. 12:47pm
ABC Jazz said

Hi Craig, here are the details of the track you were after:
CD: Magnet (independent)

On Nov 14, 2013. 3:22pm
Anonymous said

HI, Just caught the end of the first track of the show….can you let me know what it was please. Thx kindly!

On Aug 7, 2013. 5:24pm
Anonymous said

Dear Jessica

My name is Thomas Lorenzo

Are submissions of Cds welcomed without previous permission to ABC Jazz Digital Radio?



On Jul 19, 2013. 11:59am
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica.

My name is Darryn Farrugia. I'm a melbourne based musician and I've recently released a CD which I think may be suited to your program.

How do I get a CD to you?

Many Thanks



On Jul 16, 2013. 10:03pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for playing my music. There is a new CD by Sunna Gunnlaugs on its way to you from Iceland. Hope you like this one too.

All the best.
Scott McLemore

On Jun 27, 2013. 5:20pm
noach said

Hi Jessica,

Great show as always this Thu 27/6.

It always expresses a warm, personal and upbeat sensitivity, to my mind the very model of a modern music lover, almost (dare I say) baggage-free.

A query: I've been trying for months to identify your theme track without external help (or success). I'd place it somewhere near perhaps to The Bad Plus but in a less Romantic piano-concerto mood; or better, to Brad Mehldau with adventuresome and hooky chord changes. I'd suspect off-hand an Australian group, but then again that's "just what they're expecting us to do" (quote from Flying High! (1980)) There doesn't seem to be anywhere on the website where it's announced, and its apparent absence from the weekly track-listings seems almost premeditated. :)

On Jun 6, 2013. 11:53pm
Sooka said

Please tell me what was the name of the Italian jazz trio you played at 2.15 today? I really liked them and didn't catch their name! Thanks. Enjoy your show too!

On Apr 28, 2013. 2:13pm
Anonymous said

Hi, Jessica

Great live shows ... have always loved the jazz stream on my dig radio, but having a laid-back friendly voice introducing items is great .... a great program to do computer programming to! Should be more of it!

Keep it up.

On Mar 31, 2013. 12:22pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica, listening to your show in Auckland. What a breath of fresh air. More power to your great musical taste. Regards, Bobby

On Mar 22, 2013. 4:44pm
Anonymous said

HI Jessica - oh great one who knows everything there is to know about jazz and more - I live on gold coast Qld what freq do I tune to to catch your shows on Th 2pm (or 3pm here)

On Jan 6, 2013. 7:14pm
tylers said

My mother listened on Friday night/Saturday to a terriffic remix of Don Burrows Mississipi Mud.It had just been remixed by Billy Armstrong and she is deperate to get a copy of this track.I was wondering if you could let us know where we could purchase a copy please.It would make her day.

Regards Christine

Normas daughter.

On Nov 18, 2012. 1:19pm
Anonymous said

We stream ABC jazz live in our shop but there seems to be too much commentary & not enough music

On Aug 23, 2012. 12:39pm
Anonymous said

Hi there, I went to check out live Gypsy Jazz at a place called Kulcha in the heart of Freo on Sunday. Couldn't believe its free entry, and every Sunday and started at 4, I think. They had Ashley Arbuckle 'filling in' for the Belleville Quartet.

Just thought it might be something that the other listeners would want to know about too.

Love the music you're playing!


On Aug 18, 2012. 12:08pm
Anonymous said

Hi ... can you provide the tracklist for the Thur 9 Aug broadcast ... there was a John Scofield tune that I want to track down. ... Chris

On Aug 4, 2012. 4:35pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica, really enjoyed Best of British with Norma Winstone and the NDR Big Band. Standout track Riverman, the Nick Drake song. Nick Brown, Tawonga, Victoria.

On Jul 2, 2012. 10:20pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica, I woke up to a great track about 1pm on Sunday July 1st, and I found a note in my phone which said 'Jim Jeffries' Did you play a track by this guy around 1pm on Sunday?? If not, can you list a couple of the tunes played either side of 1pm :)

On Jun 17, 2012. 1:59pm
Anonymous said

I just heard a great song by someone called Nadia (around 12.50pm, Sunday 17th June). What was the song and the album it was from? Loved it. aroma_goddessatyahoodotcomdotau.


On May 11, 2012. 4:06pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica,

Today (Friday 11/05) you played a cover of 'In the Dark' by a female vocalist around 3pm. It was fantastic! Who was the artist?


On Apr 23, 2012. 12:05pm
Anonymous said

Hi Jessica,
Can you help with a recently played question please? Last Friday early afternoon - a track by a 'drummer as band leader' recent release. I seem to remember it being a European artist. Very organic and textured with an open 'room sound' ????
Kind Regards,

Paul G Man

On Apr 17, 2012. 3:46pm
Anonymous said

hi jessica, last sunday (15/4) you played, around 1.40pm, a track from a young english saxophone player named josh something (peleydo?). can't find a playlist from your program. is is possible to let me know who it was. he was sensational. cheers, david


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