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Page added Feb 27, 2015 Updated Nov 25, 2015

Keep on top of the most recent trends in the jazz scene, with a mix of the latest albums to hit the ABC Jazz desk...

...and explored in more detail throughout the week on ABC Jazz in our headline shows: Jazz with Jessica Nicholas and Jazztrack with Mal Stanley.

Latest Episode

Mon 26 Jun 2:00pm
Sat 1 Jul 10:00am

The chromatic harmonica plays an important role on Jorgen Emborg's new album, with the pianist joining fellow Dane Mathias Heise.

Recent Episodes

Paul Williamson performs with Jazz Futures
Mon 11 Jul 9:00pm
Sat 16 Jul 10:00am

Catch music from the Melbourne trumpet player Paul Williamson, who's latest album is a live recording of his quartet at Uptown Jazz Cafe.

Mon 4 Jul 9:00pm
Sat 9 Jul 10:00am

On New Releases - the latest release by Melbourne stalwarts Andrea Keller and Tim Wilson, recorded live at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.

Mon 27 Jun 9:00pm
Sat 2 Jul 10:00am

Recent visitor Kurt Elling is the guest vocalist on Branford Marsalis' latest quartet release - 'Upward Spiral.' Hear more on this episode.

Mon 20 Jun 9:00pm
Sat 25 Jun 10:00am

Embracing electronics: a sneak preview from a soon-to-be released album by British band Dinosaur, led by trumpet player/composer Laura Jurd.

Mon 13 Jun 9:00pm
Sat 18 Jun 10:00am

The Murray/Allen/Carrington trio are a new ensemble of US stalwarts, and their debut pays homage to both Ornette Coleman and Wayne Shorter.

Mon 6 Jun 9:00pm
Sat 11 Jun 10:00am

New music this week out of Norway, with the latest offering from multi-instrumentalist Hildegunn Oiseth, performing on the Viking bukkehorn.

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