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Jun 16, 2016

Check out this recent recording by US pianist and composer Mike Holober, who's put together a new octet!

Tagged as: Mike Holober
Jun 9, 2016

Featured is a soon-to-be released recording out of Denmark, by bassist/composer Jasper Hoiby.

Tagged as: Jasper Hoiby
Jun 1, 2016

This week, we're sampling a new duo record from two US studio heavyweights - Bob James and Nathan East.

Tagged as: Nathan East
May 26, 2016

Featured on ABC Jazz is a new album by French/American harmonica player Yvonnick Prene, recorded in NYC.

Tagged as: Yvonnick Prene
May 19, 2016

New music this week on ABC Jazz out of Holland, with pianist Wolfert Brederode's latest album.

Tagged as: Wolfert Brederode
May 12, 2016

Featured on ABC Jazz this week is a new recording from the Canadian pianist and composer - Renee Rosnes.

Tagged as: Renee Rosnes
May 5, 2016

The Israeli-born multi-instrumentalist Anat Cohen takes inspiration from Brazil on her most recent recording.

Tagged as: Anat Cohen
John Abercrombie
Apr 28, 2016

A historical feature this week, following an ECM reissue of three albums by John Abercrombie's first quartet.

Tagged as: John Abercrombie
Apr 12, 2016

A new album by saxophonist Will Vinson, who's teamed up with an international band featuring Aussie Jo Lawry.

Tagged as: Will Vinson
Apr 12, 2016

Delta Blues is the inspiration for Noah Preminger's latest, recorded at the Side Door Jazz Club in the US.

Tagged as: Noah Preminger
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