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3 years 23 weeks ago
commented on Farewell Dave Brubeck

The Dave Brubeck Trio and Quartet recorded a couple of albums with Carmen McRae, "Take Five - Live At Basin Street" and "Tonight Only!", and she appears again with the trio along with the Louis Armstrong band and Lambert, Hendricks & Ross for a Dave and Iola Brubeck musical production called "The Real Ambassadors". Each were released by Columbia Records and are still available - though the live album is expensive as it's out of print, but it can still be easily found.
I hope this also helps.

3 years 24 weeks ago
commented on Stefano Bollani

I saw Signore Bollani at the Melbourne International Festival some years ago when it hosted Umbria Jazz in Melbourne with a large contingent of Italian musicians. He was brilliant and perhaps the standout performer of the group - which had some excellent musicians. When will a festival invite him to return?


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