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4 weeks 2 days ago
commented on Pairing up

Did Clark Terry always/sometimes/never play his flugelhorn LEFT-HANDED? Or did the website creator "stuff up" again with the photo?

28 weeks 1 day ago
commented on Clark After Dark

Did Clark Terry often (or sometimes or ever) play his flugelhorn left-handed?
When will web page make-up people learn?

1 year 10 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

Hello Jazztrack. Is anyone awake there? Where are the playlists for June 4 and 5?
Or do you no longer think people might find them useful?

1 year 23 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

It would be nice if you were a bit more specific (i.e. truthful, forthcoming and transparent) with your answers. Not everyone lives in NSW or Victoria.

Jazztrack can be heard at 5pm Saturday and Sunday on digital radio (in stereo) wherever you can receive digital radio.
It can be heard at 5pm Eastern Time on TV Channel 201 (in mono). That is, for example, at 2pm Western Australia time (at the moment with NSW/Vic daylight saving operating).

Similarly, it can be heard at 5pm Eastern Time online at abcjazz.net.au.

But be warned, in the past, if in Western Australia and I know it's not high priority (as I was informed by an ABC employee that only 5% of listeners are in WA), they may forget to reset the delay on digital radio when daylight saving in NSW and Victoria ends.

But if you persevere you can get to listen to Jazztrack.

1 year 38 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

Don Watson would be proud of you in helping promote his latest book on "bureaucratic non-speak".
Your reply in no way answers the question asked. Furthermore, the actual playlist is not reliable, even after the event.
For example, the list for Jazztrack of 21 November 2015 lists the first item as:
2:05 PM
East of the Sun, Jon-Erik Kellso and Danny Moss,
Bob Barnard's Jazz Party 2001.
(Why the "2:05 PM timing")
If you listen, as you read the listing, you will notice that this particular track is announced by Mal as the second track, after he has played "Cake Walking Babies From Home" by Frank Johnston's Dixielanders.
I might add this is not the first time I have noticed discrepancies between what is actually played and what is listed. This might have been a little excusable when the list was published before the actual broadcast, but when it is now published after the event!
I am surprised Mal, that you do not take a closer interest in what is published in your name!

2 years 20 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

Good old ABC does it again!
Daylight saving finishes in the (all important?) Eastern States and the ABC is unable to work out how to adjust the delayed digital radio broadcasts to Western Australia. I tuned in to listen to Jazztrack (at its normal time of 5pm WST) and guess what, it is not on yet. In fact the Just Played site tells me that what I am listening to (and my digital radio print out confirms) I actually heard at 2:04 pm (WST) - Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra - The Touch of Your Lips.
It is now 6pm WST and Jazztrack has just started. Will the ABC be able to workout that the delay has to be cut to 2 hours by next Saturday, or should I rely on it starting at 6pm WST still.
Also someone who can count needs to adjust the Just Played web site.

2 years 25 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

Dear Jazztrack,

If any one is listening? Why was Jazztrack today (March1 2015) only 1 hour and 50 minutes long?
And can I once again try to get a response to a (twice) previously asked question: Are Playlists for Jazztrack, that we used to be able to access when Jazztrack was on Classic FM, available somewhere?. Oh for the old days!

2 years 25 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

Re Comment Feb 25, 2015. 12:50pm

Maybe Gerry Koster has (like Jazz Up Late) been "decommissioned", whatever that means.

My Oxford Dictionary defines


Definition of decommission in English:
[with object]
1 Withdraw (something, especially weapons or military equipment) from service: a decision to decommission the ice patrol ship HMS Endurance

1.1 Make (a nuclear reactor) inoperative and dismantle it safely: we need to decommission old nuclear power stations

Never knew Gerry and Jazz Up Late in particular or Jazz in general was so dangerous.

PS. Still awaiting reply to my post of 25 January re availability of Playlists for Jazz track that we used to be able to access when Jazztrack was on Classic FM. Oh for the old days!

2 years 30 weeks ago
commented on Jazztrack

1. Are playlists still available now that Jazztrack is no longer on Classic FM?
If so, where?
2. Why was no explicit mention made anywhere (e.g. in programs, on line, in the weekly newsletter ..) that ABC Jazz Digital Radio was reinstating a 3 hour delay, (given daylight saving in Eastern states), to its to West Australian transmissions from this week? Still, as no indication was given last September when the delay was removed, I suppose it was not surprising. Still if ABC expects us to listen to specific programs, it would be nice if we knew when they were on!

2 years 31 weeks ago
commented on ABC Jazz in 2015

Are the times of 5-7pm for Jazztrack on Digital radio correct for Perth?

3 years 10 weeks ago

Didn't know Graeme Lyall et al. were Canadian (See Artist Biography)!!


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