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I'm not a muso, just a hanger-on and administrator. (An early claim to fame was that i was - briefly - president of Sydney Uni Jazz Club, but only because I helped revive it in 1961 and they neede someone useless as a figurehead.) I was introduced to jazz by such great ABC figures as Eric Child, Arch McKirdy and Ian Neil.


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19 weeks 10 hours ago

I think that's wrapped up this particular query! The only residual question was which version Arch used for the theme. (I suspected it might have been Barney Kessel - the copy I have is from his 'Solo' album of 1981.) Arch was a strong promoter of Bruce Clarke, I seem to recall.
- David

31 weeks 1 day ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Mal, I just listened to it - and I reckon you're right! I didn't pick up this version in my earlier searching...
It certainly brings the memories back. Thanks for your help.

David Blair

31 weeks 1 day ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Thanks, Christine, for finding that good solid evidence!. And that would certainly explain why not one of the Bill Evans tracks sounds familiar to me! I suspect the truth is that it's the Bruce Clarke version I associate with Ian Neill, while Arch McKirdy played the Barney Kessel recording from time to time. Not long before he died, I did a compilation CD for Arch, of the music he'd introduced me to and which I associated with 'Relax With Me' - and the Barney Kessel version of 'What are you doing...' was the opening track on that CD.

31 weeks 4 days ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Mal, thanks for that input - I was about to email you to ask if you remembered; I figured you were the most likely person to know!
You don't happen to have an idea of which version it was, I suppose? I've listened to most of the tracks available, and none of them fit my vague recollection very well!
:-) David Blair

31 weeks 5 days ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Christine - sorry, your reply to Gav came in after I'd sent mine. Did you mean that the Bruce Clarke version is the one Ian Neill used as theme, or just that it's a goodie?

31 weeks 6 days ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Gav, I'm not totally sure which version Ian Neill played - bu it may have been Barney Kessel's. I've got it from his 'Solo' album, and it sounds pretty much like the version I recollect. However, Peteka (above) remembered it as the Bill Evans version, and that may well be right.

2 years 26 weeks ago

Nice idea, philsmartsyd! Or maybe a boxed set of 'Best of Arch'?

3 years 47 weeks ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Christine - thanks for that... another blast from the past! I used to love listening to Ian Neil. And I reckon you're right about his playing 'What are you doing the rest of your life' - and about Kenny Burrell, too. Both Arch and Ian often programmed Burrell tracks (though I don't remember 'I'm a fool to want you', so I'd better look it up!)

3 years 50 weeks ago
commented on Arch McKirdy

Peter, I recall Arch playing "What are you doing with the rest of your life" from time to time - but I don't recall that it was his theme tune. I seem to recall that "Stairway to the stars" was his theme.

3 years 50 weeks ago

Arch's theme tune? Not "Story of the Stars", but "Stairway to the Stars". If it wasn't Arch's theme (and it's so long ago I can't be sure any more), then he certainly played it frequently! The version I have is by Barney Kessel, from the album "Some like it hot"; whether that's the version Arch played, I don't remember.


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