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66, born and raised in Melbourne of Anglo-Welsh-Scottish descent, now residing in Toowoomba. History of Registered Nursing (the former 'Nursing Sister'); tertiary arts and law to post-graduate level: University of Queensland my 'alma mater'. Reasonably well-read and well-travelled. Lived and worked in New Guinea, England and Scotland, around Australia. Smelt South America and was rapt. Fear living in the US particularly given it's rigid adherence to 'bearing arms'. Don't see myself as 'Asian' albeit I deeply admire Aboriginal Culture/Philosophy/Art of 'Old' and how it has amazingly and painfully adapted itself to European ways. I deeply admire the Wisdom of all the Ancients, except that of the cannibals.


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2 years 16 weeks ago
commented on Jessica Nicholas

Jazz is such a Remedy for tired wrought senses if find.
Whilst I've long listened to Jazz on the ABC I lose track of who's who!
So just wanted to say how much I like turning on and enjoying so much wonderful or amazing music - especially when I'm ironing or cooking!
May I ask who presented Jazztrack before Mal Stanley?


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