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3 years 10 weeks ago
commented on Jessica Nicholas

Thanks Jessica. You're a legend! I'm sure others will also be enlightened by this.



3 years 10 weeks ago
commented on Jessica Nicholas

Hello Jessica. I just read your Age review of the Charles Lloyd trio concert a fortnight ago at the Melbourne recital Centre, a fine review that captured the atmosphere on the night. And helpful too - as you said, Charles uttered not a word throughout which meant we often had little idea what he was playing. I did recognise "Sweet Georgia Bright" and "Ramanujan"/"Tagi"/"Hymn to the Mother" but your review got me "Homage" and "Maria Carmela". I still have no idea, though, what the first encore was, a really lovely ballad that's been playing in my head ever since. A standard? And I didn't recognise either of the two pieces that followed "Homage". I've searched my fairly extensive collection of Charles Lloyd CDs but I'm still none the wiser. Maybe you picked up on all these and if you did I'd love to know.

Thanks for your Thursday program on ABCJazz and also for your occasional but always informative contributions to Andrew Ford's Saturday morning show on RN.


John Whiter

5 years 50 weeks ago

Does anybody remember the setlist for the concert - help resolve argument between friends.


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