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Masonik is a multi disciplined, multi-musician audiovisual performance collective . Masonik explores improvised, composed and visually constructed musical forms,through video collage, audio de-construction and reinterpretation of old and new media narratives. Masonik presents each performance as an immersive audiovisual journey within each occupied performance space. Masonik collaborates with musician & visual artists from a variety of musical styles & genres. Masonik’s live improvisations draw from a huge variety of sources including spoken word, world music and film. Musical references range from Arabic, Jewish, Greek, Indian and Pakistani, fused with jazz, blues & dub. Line-ups include - Decomposed Jazz, Raaga Adventures in Hindi-Dub, Rebetika In Dub, Ambient Descended Dub, Sculptural Ascended trio, Dubstep Submerged - the list will grow.


4 years 32 weeks ago
recommended Petra Haden
4 years 36 weeks ago
recommended Eastern Blues


4 years 30 weeks ago
commented on John McLaughlin

Legend!!! - very happy to have seen him live twice :)

4 years 31 weeks ago
commented on John Zorn

Really great to see John Zorn on ABC Jazz - I mean just look at his Discog!!! He lives & breathes music. If only half of the musos on this planet had his integrity ..........

4 years 36 weeks ago

great track!!!

4 years 36 weeks ago
commented on Unexpected Music

What a great line up on the play list for this show. Of particular note Peter Knight & Nils Petter Molvaer. fantastic stuff!!!

4 years 36 weeks ago
commented on Eastern Blues

Nice piece - really great

4 years 36 weeks ago
commented on Miles Electric

A great chapter in Miles' history... the Jack Johnson Sessions are amazing


4 years 36 weeks ago
4 years 36 weeks ago
4 years 36 weeks ago
4 years 36 weeks ago
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